More than three decades ago, Princess Diana pushed aside stuffy, royal palace traditions and gave birth to Prince William inside a hospital in London. Duchess Catherine hasn’t yet announced where she’ll have the heir to the British throne, but insiders are saying she will almost certainly follow Princess Diana’s example and give birth inside a hospital. The only real question is which one.

According to ABC News, there are three medical facilities that could play host to Kate when the big day comes: King Edward VII Hospital, Portland Hospital and St. Mary’s. King Edward VII Hospital is where the Duchess is currently being treated for hyperemesis gravidarum and would offer a smooth transition and doctors already abreast of her medical history. St. Mary’s would offer a link to the past since William was born there, as well as some of the most sophisticated doctors in the world, and Portland Hospital, the current favorite of celebrities, would offer the most privacy as well as luxury accommodations for Prince William to stay in the same room.

Really, the only wrong answer here is the royal palace itself. It would be beyond stupid for her to give birth outside an accredited hospital, regardless of what the famous queens have done for the past ten centuries. Her health and the health of the child are the two most important goals, and any of these three hospitals could no doubt help in that respect.



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