Life might be often filled with second chances, but it’s a whole lot easier when you have an opportunity and seize it. That’s what Frank Ocean did roughly eighteen hours ago on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon when he calmly walked to the microphone and made the most of his first ever television performance.

Last week, Ocean took to his personal website and released a lengthy statement, chronicling two summers he spent falling in love with a man. His note was touching, personal and in many ways, beautiful. Not surprisingly, it generated a ton of publicity. As the biggest performance of his life following that reveal, it was important for Ocean to prove he should be a star for his talent, not his personal choices, and at least from my perspective, this rendition of “Bad Religion” is a home run. You can take a look at it below…

If you’re interested in checking out more Frank Ocean, you can download his new album on iTunes right now or wait until it comes out in hard copy next week. Even prior to last night’s announcement, there’s been a steady buzz about his talents for months, this video would seem to justify all that hype. Good for him. I hope he takes this springboard and runs with it.



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