Idaho Hockey Fans File Lawsuit After Getting Jipped On Beer

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Just because something looks bigger doesnít mean itís actually bigger. If youíve ever watched Your Bleeped Up Brain, youíre no doubt aware of the tricks the brain can play when it comes to shapes and masses, and apparently, if youíve consumed beer at the CenturyLink Arena, youíve unknowingly witnessed the phenomenon too. At least thatís what a new lawsuit concerning beer sizes is claiming.

According to ESPN, the issue centers around the difference between the small and large sized beers at the CenturyLink Arena, or more specifically, the alleged lack of difference between the small and large sized beers. Apparently, the larger size is a whole lot taller, but itís actually more narrow. Consequently, when its contents are poured out, ever drop allegedly fits comfortably into the small size, which, if true, would make the $4 and $7 price differences kind of a big scam. And if thereís one thing people hate, itís paying more for less booze.

So, how could this possibly happen? Well, it mostly likely has to do with pour lines. According to the teamís Facebook page, the small size beer is 16 ounces and the large size beer is 20 ounces. In an effort to prevent spilling, however, beers are rarely filled to the top. Instead, theyíre usually filled up to a line, but if that line is a little higher on the small and a little lower on the large, given the tiny difference in ounces, itís easy to see why the team would be unknowingly charging extra money for an optical illusion.

You can check out the viral video that inspired the lawsuit belowÖ

At least four fans have now banded together to file a lawsuit against the Arena. They claim the proprieters have been ripping everyone off at $3 bucks a large beer for at least five years, and they would like everyone involved to get their money back. Executives have already announced they will immediately begin serving 24 ounce large beers at the same price to make up for the snafu, but itís unclear whether that will appease the pissed off hockey fans.
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