Jason Trawick Not Allowed To Discuss Split With Britney Spears

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Headlines concerning Britney Spears and Jason Trawickís split has been splashed all over the news this week, but if you are hoping to hear from the couple themselves concerning what brought on the split, you should just lock those hopes up right away and throw away the key. Spears isnít exactly an open book when it comes to her personal life and Trawick is apparently barred from speaking about the relationship in public forums, forever.

Thatís right, when Trawick signed on a few months ago to be Spearsí co-conservator, he also signed a confidentiality agreement which will force him to keep his lips sealed concerning what went down between himself and Ms. Spears. According to TMZ, the man signed the agreement willingly and it is legally binding.

Honestly, even though Trawick and Spearsí relationship didnít work out, the man never seemed like the type of guy who would want to go to the press or write a book about his time with Spears. Maybe he comes across as a steady and stable individual simply due to his ability to help Spears out with her co-conservatorship and keep her on track, but TMZ is also noting he never would have spoken with the press about the relationship or how the break-up went down, so it seems Iím not just assuming heís a stand-up guy. Itís too bad they couldnít figure out a way to work things out, and I hope Brit Britís future partners have qualities closer to Trawick than Kevin Federline.

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