Jennifer Aniston Denies Being Pregnant As Rumors Increase In Volume

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís too bad Jennifer Aniston doesnít get paid every time sheís involved with a pregnancy rumor because sheís spent damn near two decades fighting the gossip off at every turn. Then again, itís also probably a good thing she hasnít actually been pregnant every single time or she would have a brood of children capable of rivaling the Duggar Family. For better or for worse, the latest rumor hit earlier this week, and as per usual, the outlet makes a somewhat convincing case.

This latest speculation was first proposed by US Weekly in the tabloidís newest issue. Apparently, sources close to the actress are claiming sheís with child and will deliver in 2014. As evidence, they point to Anistonís completely clean upcoming schedule for the first time in years, her recent cancellation of a SmartWater commercial with no make-up in sight, a strong preference for babydoll dresses lately and some alleged last minute outfit alterations during her recent promotional appearances for the surprise hit Weíre The Millers and the upcoming Life Of Crime. Of course, all of this is mere speculation at this point because Anistonís publicist has already shot down the rumor. In fact, the denial is even part of the original US Weekly story, but apparently, the editors were confident enough to still move forward with it.

Aniston has made no secret about her desire to have children in the past. Sheís always been a woman who has wanted a very traditional happy ending with a husband and a baby, but thanks to her divorce from Brad Pitt and other relationships not working out, that hasnít happened. By all accounts, sheís very happy with fiancť Justin Theroux, but the two still havenít set a date for a wedding or churning out a baby.

Hereís to hoping Jen gets her happy ending on her schedule, whenever that might be.
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