Jessica Simpson has been working hard over the last several month in order to reach her weight loss goals after having a baby all the way back in May. The singer and fashionista teamed up with Weight Watchers almost immediately after the birth of her child, and weight loss took on an increasing importance. Sixty pounds down later, Ms. Simpson is looking good.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old was in fine fashion, posting a behind-the-scenes shot of the recent commercial she starred in for Weight Watchers to her website. The photo highlights the end of the commercial, but also gives us a peek at Simpson’s newly fit physique. The road to a fit body is not an easy path, however.

The singer started out her weight loss endeavor fairly modestly, setting small goals to help her achieve her ideal body size. She later kicked her macaroni and cheese junk food habit and began working out with a personal trainer four to five days a week. Although Simpson initially said she was only going to focus on inches, losing 60 pounds is a pretty impressive number to tout.

Simpsons new commercial should be on the airwaves in the near future, and I can’t wait to check out how much weight loss she has accomplished since her previous commercial debuted in September. It’s been a long and hard battle for the singer, and I’m sure she is proud of her efforts.



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