Justin Long And Amanda Seyfried Are Hanging Out, Probably Dating

By Jessica Rawden 2013-08-17 18:46:40
This week, rumors that Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are currently dating one another on the sly began to whisper around the Internet. First, he just so happened to come along with her to the premiere of her new film, Lovelace. Second, the two were sharing a meal on Thursday and cosying up with one another while doing it. The verdict: they are totally hanging out and are probably dating.

US Weekly initially noted that the couple had begun spending time together around the time of Seyfriedís recent movie premiere. Then E! caught the couple out on a dinner date on Thursday, hanging out at an Italian restaurant called Cecconiís, which is located in trendy and hopping West Hollywood. The outlet is also noting they drank white wine, which literally has nothing to do with the fact they might be dating, but I guess is a hot fact to consume if you are into celebrity drink choices. Currently, Seyfried and Longís reps are staying mum about the possible relationship, but let's be serious, something is clearly up.

Both Seyfried and Long have had several high-profile romances. Seyfried dated Desmond Harrington, Dominic Cooper and once even noted she went out with Alexander Skarsgard, explaining that he is very funny. Longís highest profile romance was probably with actress Drew Barrymore, which ended way back in 2008. That was a long time ago, however, and maybe heís ready to commit to a relationship with another badass, high-profile actress.

Long may not be admitting heís dating Seyfried, but the 35-year-old actor did admit she rocked out in Lovelace via the very public forum, Twitter.

Celebrities may not always be purposefully keeping secrets when they first begin dating. Sometimes they let people in on a need-to-know basis, and the general populace and the media arenít a part of that inner circle. Iím guessing itís generally easier to keep things under wraps until you know you stand a good chance of being with a person for the long haul. That way if famous couples drift apart or decide they donít have much in common, they donít have to go through the rigmarole of scrutiny related to the break-up. Since Iím not a celebrity, I canít prove this theory, but if you have a better one, by all means, let us know in the comments.

The 27-year-old actress has an extremely busy schedule and Long is no slouch either. Whether or not hanging out leads into something serious will likely depend on the amount of fun the couple have together and whether or not itís worth juggling schedules to make something serious work. Either way, weíll keep you updated, whether this one moves forward or fizzles out.
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