Kate Middleton Has Already Lost Most Of Her Pregnancy Weight

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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There are all kinds of pregnant women in the world, including those who eat whatever they wish while pregnant, those who donít each much more than normal, those who gain plenty of weight, and those who stay enviably thin. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was already one of the latter when she birthed a baby boy late last month, and new reports indicate sheís already back in the shape she was before she got pregnant, or at the very least, nearly back in the shape she was in before.

Recently, Middleton was photographed out and about running errands and going grocery shopping for her little family. You might think that the 31-year-old would have staff to do that for her, but Middletonís always been big on maintaining normalcy, and besides, she spent plenty of time learning to cook during her pregnancy. If you are going to make your own menu, you might as well go shopping, too. What is really surprising, however, is how thin Middleton looks in the photo. She just had a baby roughly one month ago, and sheís already fitting into skinny jeans and what looks to be a pre-pregnancy striped shirt. Iím sure Middleton was especially healthy during her pregnancy, but some women might call that weight loss a one-month miracle.

Staying active is one good way to kick pregnancy weight, but US Weekly is reported that Middleton has two other weapons in her arsenal to help her kick the weight. The first is breastfeeding and the second is yoga.

Breastfeeding has been known to help moms lose weight, and itís no surprise at all that Middleton would want to give little George Alexander Louis as many advantages as possible. The yoga is also not the least bit surprising, as Middleton reportedly worked with a pre-natal yoga instructor before she had her first child. Once a person gets into an exercising habit, itís easy to keep going just to feel good and stay in shape.

The royal family has been taking it pretty easy since the birth of George Alexander Louis, although Prince William did come out earlier this month to give his first interview since the birth of the little tyke. He says he has loved showing off his son and proclaiming him the very best at, well, everything.
"As any new parent knows, you're only too happy to show off your new child and proclaim that he is the best-looking or the best everything.Ē

There are a lot of ups and downs to having children, but William and Kate seem to have taken the challenge in stride and have been able to find the right balance between being attentive to their new son and still taking some time for themselves. Pop Blend would like to wish them the very best over the next few months of parenthood. Not that they need it.

You can check out some talk about the royal baby and some snapshots of Kate in the time since giving birth in the video embedded below, courtesy of The Daily Mail...

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