One of the biggest bonuses to marrying into part of the royal family is the number of super cool jewels women are also marrying into. Kate Middleton has rocked out with quite a few items in the past, and recently she wore what looked to be a classic pair of diamond and pearl earrings during one of the Queen’s ceremonies celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday. The earrings may have looked like a million bucks, but they cost considerably less.

That’s because Middleton’s pearl and diamond jewelry, paired with a much more expensive Alexander McQueen dress, were fakes. Perhaps this should not be much of a surprise, considering the Duchess has been caught wearing lower end brands in the past. However, this was not just any day on the town—this was a dress to the nines event at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

According to The Dailymail the cubic zirconia and pearl and resin fakes were designed by Belinda Hadden for her Heavenly Necklaces brand. The self-proclaimed “fabulous fakes” only cost Middleton £48, or around $75 dollars. Middleton’s appearance in the jewelry has now proved a boon to Hadden, who sold out of the earrings within a single day. If you are interested in copying the leading lady, you can totally get on the waiting list for the next shipment over at Hadden’s site. Or, just rock out with your own fabulous fakes. That’s the glory of the ‘Kate Effect.’



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