Kelly Clarkson is well into the throes of planning her big elopement with fiancé Brandon Blackstock. The two initially planned to get married in a large ceremony featuring all their family and friends, but with Clarkson’s hectic life schedule, they eventually decided to scale back and elope. The wedding is supposed to go down over the next few weeks, but Clarkson already has her next big life event in mind. This year for the holidays, she would like Blackstock to give her a baby.

The 31-year-old spoke made the big reveal on Access Hollywood this week. The news isn’t a huge shock. When Clarkson decided to elope, rumor had it that a baby was already involved. Although that rumor was later debunked, typically baby rumors are only a thing if there is at least some talk of a baby in a celebrity’s life. Here’s what Clarkson had to say about what she wants for Christmas this year.
“We’re getting married soon – like really soon – and I already told him that when we’re past the wedding, I want a baby. I was like, ‘That’s my Christmas present that you can give me.’”

It’s interesting that Clarkson feels ready for a baby right now, especially considering she decided to elope because her schedule is so busy. The singer’s currently in the throes of putting together a Christmas album called Wrapped in Red, she and Blackstock have been busy taking their kids to fall sports activities, and on top of that, Blackstock has a pretty big managing career to attend to, featuring big clients like Blake Shelton who are constantly in the limelight and need managing. Regardless, when baby fever hits, there’s not much a person can do about it, and Clarkson says she’s already gotten advice on how to be pregnant and keep working from Lady Antebellum’s Hilary Scott.
"She was preggers, and I was asking her everything. I was like, ‘So, can you work while you’re pregnant?’ I was sitting there just completely bombarding her with preggers questions. You can do it, you can. She said, ‘Man, when you get tired, you just have to tell people to stop.’ So, I’ll tell people. I won’t have any problem doing that. I’ll be like, ‘I’ve got to take a break.’”

It sounds like the soon-to-be married singer already has a plan firmly in mind, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about her wedding details as well as a baby in the coming months. It’s a little too early to say congratulations to the happy couple at this point, but Pop Blend is happy to see things seem to be going so well for Clarkson and her beau.



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