Kris Humphries: That Random Chick Got Herpes From Someone Else

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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From his disastrous marriage that still hasnít officially ended in divorce to his demotion from the starting lineup to the Brooklyn Netsí bench, Kris Humphries has a laundry list of things on his mind right now, but apparently, overcoming herpes is not among the problems. The NBA player recently handed over the results of an STD test to the Los Angeles County Superior Court as part of evidence in a lawsuit heís currently fending off, and while the specifics havenít been made public, he is using it as evidence, which is a solid indication heís clean.

The lawsuit in question was filed back in August. In it, random chick Kayla Goldberg claimed she and Humphries had sex without a condom after meeting first at Newsroom Cafť and later at a club on the Sunset Strip in LA. She apparently found out she had herpes not long after and blames Humphries for not telling her. According to TMZ, Kris isnít denying the sexual encounter happened, but he is adamant someone else must have given her the herp since he doesn't have it.

Itís hard to know exactly what is going on here, but regardless of what did happen, itís just another embarrassing bit of publicity for Humphries. He likely thought marrying Kim Kardashian would turn him into a beloved superstar, but unfortunately, he never really won the general public over.

And this will not help.
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