Lady Gaga Reaches Settlement With Former Assistant

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Lady Gaga might be a woman capable of throwing a verbal haymaker or two, but that doesnít mean thatís always the right approach. Rather than heading to court early next month to go to war with her former assistant/ former roommate/ former friend Jennifer OíNeill, the Mother Monster has decided to settle the pending lawsuit and make it go away.

Back in 2010, Gaga worked out an arrangement with OíNeill to pay her $75,000 a year to work as her personal assistant. From the outside, it sounds like quite a bit of money for a position that doesnít require a college degree, but if the bitter former employee is to be believed, it wasnít nearly enough for carrying her suitcases and making her arrangements. Apparently, Gaga required the woman to be on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which, OíNeill would like to be paid overtime for.

Itís unclear what the financial terms of the settlement might be, but one would imagine Gaga paid a small amount of money to move on with her life. After all, itís hard to imagine the Mother Monster wrote a big check to a woman she once called a hood rat and accused of not being thankful for getting paid to travel around the world.

Iím sure there were parts of the job that were terrible. According to People, OíNeill claims she slept in the same room as Gaga while on tour in order to deal with any needs she might have, but as the pop star said in her deposition, the whole point of having a personal assistant is for her to be available when you need her to do something. Besides, the ex-employee willingly signed up for the job. Itís not as if someone else was planning to pay her money to go stay in luxury hotels in exchange for $75,000.

Hereís to hoping everyone involved moves on with their lives, and we never have to hear about this mess again.
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