Have you ever gone to light a candle and realized you didn’t have one? Have you ever wanted wafts of butter-flavored air to periodically hit your nose? If you answered yes to either of these questions and/ or are someone who loves taking on relatively simple household projects, the following video will be in your wheelhouse.

Earlier this month, Grant Thompson, also known as the King of Random, decided to MacGyver himself a candle out of a tooth pick, some toilet paper and a stick of butter. The plot proved to be extremely simple and effective; so, he uploaded a how-to-video online, and you can watch it in all its creative madness below…

The fact that these candles apparently burn for four hours is what turns this idea from a goofy and stupid one into a practical one. I’m not saying people should stop buying regular candles, but in a bind for a dinner party, this would actually give off a flame long enough to make a real impact. Plus, it would certainly start more than its share of conversations.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try this madness and get it burning in time for my wife to come home and do a serious double take.



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