Lindsay Lohan: I Was Pregnant And Miscarried While Shooting Reality Show

By Mack Rawden 2014-04-21 08:54:29
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Lindsay Lohan spent damn near the entire first season of her OWN reality show, Lindsay, pissing everyone off. She missed scheduled shoots. She occasionally refused to participate, and at one point, Oprah Winfrey herself told the actress to cut the bullshit. Well, last night Lohan finally addressed her own behavior, and if sheís to be believed, she had a pretty good excuse for being so difficult: she was pregnant and later miscarried mid-season.

The bombshell came out last night on the season finale of Lindsay, and since then, itís been widely covered by everyone from The New York Daily News to TMZ. The majority of outlets seem to be treating it as a legitimate news story, but in comment sections, on Twitter and in various skeptical corners of the Internet, people arenít necessarily ready to take her at her word. In fact, there are some who believe this is just the latest in a long line of trademark Lindsay Lohan excuses.

You can take a look at an excerpt of her exact quote belowÖ
ďNo one knows this. I had a miscarriage for those weeks that I took off. I couldnít move. I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.Ē

The truth is we donít know. Lohan refused to identify the father or even how far along she may have been. At no point during the filming of the show did she look like she was pregnant or suffer any kind of unexplained weight gain, but they didnít exactly zoom in on her stomach repeatedly. Unless she opens up about the situation more publicly in the future, itís likely sheíll always have both supporters and doubters on this issue, but considering the Lindsay Lohan M.O., she should be very comfortable with that arrangement by now.

At this point, itís unclear whether or not Lindsay will get a second season. When the arrangement was first announced, it was widely assumed the business relationship between Lohan and Oprah Winfrey would go on indefinitely, but with ratings that arenít exactly blowing the roof off OWN and the well-documented production problems, the future is now up in the air.

At this point, weíll choose to take the actress at her word. So, as such, our sincerest thoughts go out to Lindsay Lohan during this time of need. Hereís to hoping she gets over this mental blow and uses it as fuel to get back on a path less fraught with uncomfortable headlines and James Franco sex acts.
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