Lindsay Lohan's Manager And Lawyers Were On Board For Michael's Intervention

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Last week, Michael Lohanís planned intervention for his daughter Lindsay was a complete disaster. He showed up at her Beverly Hills residence by himself, was refused access to see her and eventually left after the cops were called. Both the Mean Girls star and her mother were reportedly furious about Michaelís accusations of drinking and drug use, but a few days later, rumors are beginning to emerge that heís far from the only one who thinks Lindsay has a problem.

According to TMZ, the starís manager Evan Hailey, her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman and her criminal attorney Shawn Holley were all hoping to get Lindsay into treatment. The men supposedly exchanged emails prior to the disastrous intervention and were planning to assemble at the Beverly Hills property after Michael arrived to lend their support.

None of the men are regular members of Lindsayís entourage, but at least Michael and Evan have allegedly been told thereís been a whole lot of boozing going on. The actressí dad reportedly thinks it could be as much as a bottle or a bottle and a half of vodka a day in addition to plenty of pill use.

Of course, none of this proves anything. These emails havenít been made public, and even if they are legitimate, they just involve the men talking about what theyíve been told by others. Still, it seems like there was a lot of thought and care put into this intervention and contrary to what Dina and Lindsay would tell you, was about more than just manipulating a situation.
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