Lindsay Lohan is now one step closer to spending some serious time in jail. This morning, Comissioner Jane Godfrey officially revoked the troubled actress’ probation and set a hearing date for January 15. If it’s determined the Mean Girls star did, in fact, break the law, she’ll be sent to the slammer for all or a portion of the 245 days she still owes the sate of California.

A few years ago, Lohan pled no contest to stealing a necklace valued at $2500. She served less than two weeks and was released on the condition she not break any laws. Unfortunately, over the past few months, she’s had numerous run-ins with the law. From allegedly punching a fortune teller at a nightclub to getting into it with her own mother in a limousine, the list of offenses is long, but the one that might land her behind bars traces back to a pretty innocuous accident over the summer. Lohan and her assistant were traveling to the set of Liz & Dick when their rented Porsche struck the back of a truck. The actress told officers her assistant was the one driving, but after an investigation, they concluded otherwise and recently charged her with several counts related to that supposed lie.

According to ABC News, Lohan was not in court for the proceedings this morning, but her attorney Shawn Holley was on hand to represent her. No one involved has spoken to the media since the new court date was set for next month, and given the potential severity of the situation, it’s unlikely anyone will in the near future.

We’ll keep you updated on Lohan’s fate when new information becomes available.



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