When Lindsay Lohan first announced she was transferring out of the Betty Ford Clinic and into a treatment facility in Malibu, most of the initial rumors as to the why involved the drug program itself, but now, conflicting reports have emerged that there may have been an actual drug outbreak among some of the patients.

According to Fox News, one of Lohan’s fellow patients received some Oxycontin from a visitor during family day. The drugs were then allegedly dispersed among several girls who popped said pills. The Mean Girls actress apparently wasn’t involved in any of those drugged-up shenanigans, but sources close to her are saying it was another big factor in her leaving, along with feeling the Betty Ford Clinic program was starting to feel a little repetitive.

Many rehab facilities do not search family members coming to visit closely. Assumedly, the thought process is most of these people would like their family members to get better and therefore don’t bring drugs. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules, and if this rumor is to be believed, that’s exactly what happened here.

Stories about Lohan’s personal life nonsense might put asses in the seats, but I think I speak for most people when I say it would be better for everyone involved if those asses were filling theater seats to watch Lohan in legitimate acting roles. At this point, that might seem like a pipe dream, but if she can emerge from rehab actually sober and focused this time, plenty of people in Hollywood will be lining up to give her another chance.



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