Lindsay Lohan Says Her Supposed Attacker Won't Get Away With It

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Lindsay Lohan thought her alleged attacker was going to be in serious trouble when he was arrested outside her room at the W Hotel over the weekend, but the legal process didnít wind up working out that way at all. After interviewing all involved, authorities not only dropped the assault charge against Christian LaBella, they voided his arrest and allowed him to file a counter harassment charge against the actress. Not surprisingly, the former Mean Girls star is reportedly spitting mad.

Hereís a look at what she told The New York Post following LaBellaís release from jailÖ
ĒHe isnít going to get away with this. Iím in shock and it was a really scary situation.Ē

Apart from filing a lawsuit, which would trigger an almost immediate countersuit, Iím not really sure how Lohan thinks sheís going to hold him accountable. The NYPD already decided no crime was committed inside the hotel room, and considering she didnít have any injuries, itís hard to imagine what could change their mind. So, in all likelihood, this whole situation will continue to be nothing more than a case of he said/ she said.

Hereís what we do know. LaBella and Lohan reportedly met at a nightclub. He later returned to her hotel along with a group of people sometime early in the morning. A little before 4:30, the actress discovered pictures of herself on LaBellaís cell phone, and when she tried to delete them, some kind of confrontation broke out. No one was injured. She eventually ran out and pulled the fire alarm, which brought the police and led to the supposed attackerís brief and later voided arrest.

What the hell happened here is unclear. If anything comes into focus, weíll let you know. Until then, donít go to hotel rooms at 4:30 in the morning with people you barely know, whether youíre a boy or girl.
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