Lindsay Lohan Taken To Emergency Room Following Car Accident

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan and her assistant were involved in a scary accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica this afternoon. The two were reportedly driving a rented black Porsche when it collided with the back of an eighteen wheeler. Police and an ambulance were immediately called to the scene, but Lohan was reportedly cognizant enough to make it to the hospital on her own. Sheís allegedly in the emergency room as we speak, though early indications are that sheíll be just fine.

According to TMZ, witnesses say both Lohan and her assistant emerged from the totaled vehicle with bruises and some lost blood. The celebrity apparently claimed the truck cut her off without notice, but who was actually at fault likely hasnít been figured out yet. Regardless, the health and recovery of all involved is far more pressing.

Lohan began filming her Lifetime biopic about Elizabeth Taylor earlier this week. Itís unclear how this might affect the scheduling on that picture, but you would have to imagine Lohan would take at least the weekend and maybe Monday to relax, even if the doctors donít find anything too serious.

As for the Porsche itself, the glass reportedly broke on the passenger window, and the bumper was pulled entirely off the vehicle. Considering the rates of speed everyone was no doubt going, itís wonderful life-altering repercussions donít seem to be coming from this. Pop Blendís thoughts go out to Lohan, her assistant and the driver of the truck.

Weíll keep you updated.
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