Lindsay Lohan Wants To Leave Betty Ford After Clinic Cuts Off Adderall

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Sometimes getting what you want doesnít turn out quite as well as you may have imagined. Just days after Lindsay Lohanís old/ new attorney Shawn Holley convinced prosecutors in Los Angeles and Santa Monica to accept her clientís request to undergo her rehab stint at the Betty Ford Clinic in California instead of the previously agreed upon facility in New York, the actress has reportedly contorted herself 180 degrees and now wants no part of the legendary treatment center.

According to TMZ, the change of heart has everything to do with the doctors deciding not to let her take Adderall. Lohan has been very open over the years about how much she thinks the prescription drug has helped her overcome her ADHD disorder, but apparently, doctors at the Betty Ford Clinic almost always try to switch adults to a different medication because of how addictive Adderall can be.

Neither Lohan nor Holley has spoken publically about the crisis thatís allegedly brewing behind closed doors, but the actress has supposedly been telling her friends sheís going to try and transfer facilities. Unfortunately, seeing as how she fought so hard to get into Betty Ford and seeing as how itís widely regarded as one of the best places to get clean in the world, it seems unlikely either the judge or prosecutors will be pumped about granting said request.

If Lindsay isnít able to complete her treatment, the alternative is jail. Thatís a hell of a lot worse than switching prescription drugs, but I guess weíll just have to wait and see whether or not she realizes that.
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