It’s been a few days since the violent confrontation between Halle Berry’s current fiancé and her daughter’s father, and what exactly happened in that driveway has only become murkier. Immediately after the slugfest, baby daddy Gabriel Aubry was arrested and charged with assault. A temporary restraining order was granted, and all evidence seemed to point toward the male model starting shit with Halle’s new man, Olivier Martinez. If Aubrey’s new civil court filings are to be believed, however, Martinez actually played a big role in what happened.

According to Fox News, Aubry is claiming his romantic rival threatened him at one of daughter Nahla’s school functions the day before the dust-up. Martinez was allegedly pissed off that Aubry blocked the planned move to France, saying it cost him three million dollars and confronted him about it a second time right before the fists started flying.

Regardless of what actually happened, there is only one clear loser in this skirmish: Nahla. She deserves to have her father around, and she deserves to have a stable home environment. It doesn’t matter who talked shit or who threw the first punch. Clearly, things were said on both ends, and instead of getting to enjoy Thanksgiving, a girl had to watch the closest adults in her life ruin it.

Here’s to hoping everyone can grow up and start actually like rational human beings sooner rather than later.



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