America collectively underappreciates Paul McCartney. According to collective conscious, McCartney was second to John Lennon in The Beatles. Then, his band Wings was huge but later largely forgotten, due, unfortunately, to the lasting success of The Beatles. Over the past forty-some years, McCartney has often been thought of as “the positive” Beatle, in a negative fashion. All of this coupled together seems to explain why McCartney is the last Beatle to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although, perhaps that epic divorce scandal in the 2000s had a teensy bit of an influence on why McCarney is getting his star after Ringo Starr.

The Hollywood Star was awarded to McCartney today, outside of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, Starr was not feeling well, and missed the ceremony, so there were no members of The Beatles to cheer McCartney on. Instead, Neil Young was on hand to introduce the “Hey Jude” writer, although CBS News has noted McCartney’s wife Nancy Shevell and his son, James, did show up to support their loved one at the event.

McCartney was certain to mention his old group mates during the festivities.
"That was like an impossible thing to happen. But here we are today, and it's happening. But I couldn't have done it without, certainly, three boys - so I want to say thanks to those guys, John, George and Ringo.”

If you are a fan who does think McCartney is the best Beatle but missed the event, you will have the chance to see the 69 year-old songwriter very soon. McCartney will next perform at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony, likely as a promotion for his newest album, Kisses on the Bottom.



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