Roger Ebert Cutting Back Work Schedule To Battle Cancer

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Roger Ebert is not retiring. Heís not giving up, and heís not complaining. Heís just going to take a few steps back and review less movies in order to devote more attention to his health. The beloved critic announced earlier this week in a lengthy and touching blog post that his doctors have discovered more cancer and are aggressively fighting it with radiation. Heís hopeful, but given his first-hand knowledge, he knows writing between two hundred and three hundred reviews a year simply isnít possible, especially given all the other plans he has.

As much as Ebertís message was one of sadness, it was also one of hope. Heís planning to embark on a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch At The Movies, and heís redoing his official website to bring aboard more writers. Add that to the documentary about his life several high profile filmmakers are currently working on and the bigger release movies heís still planning to write and we should continue seeing plenty of the famous journalist, which is the way it should be.

Ebert might not be the most physically imposing man in the world, but heís been a fighter, both with his opinions and his immune system, for the entirety of his life. No doubt he will scrap and claw with a vengeance during his struggle. Selfishly, I hope he pauses as much as he can from that battle to give us some more great insights on movies.

Get well soon, Roger.
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