Russell Brand Might Be Dating Ginger Spice

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Katy Perry has been linked to several high profile men since her marriage imploded, but her ex-husband Russell Brand has been far more quiet with his attempts to move on, at least until now. The thirty-seven-year-old comedian is allegedly giving love a go with Geri Halliwell, better known to the world as Ginger Spice. If true, itís great news for anyone rooting for really sassy babies and bad news for random dudes who still can't get over the high-kicking beauty.

The alleged coupling was first reported by The Sun. The outlet claims the two met during the Olympic closing ceremonies, hit it off almost immediately and have gone on several low profile dates since, including one at the Hampton Court Palace that involved Bluebell Madonna, Geriís six-year-old daughter. Numerous onlookers supposedly spied the two holding hands and having a grand old time with the little girl in tow.

Both Brand and Halliwell have been very public about their battles to stay clean over the years, and supposedly, Russell had a crush on Ginger when the Spice Girls first hit it big more than a decade ago. Odd as it might first appear, there are actually several things about this potential relationship that make sense, but until thereís more photographic evidence or one of the two confirms the togetherness in public, itís probably best not to take this rumor as fact.

In related news, The Daily Mail, says Brand broke up with his girlfriend Isabella Brewster a few weeks ago. Coincidence? I hope to hell not.
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