Watch The Cutest Fox Ever Eat A Marshmallow Snack

By Jessica Rawden 4 years ago
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Everyone knows not to feed a dog chocolate, but apparently the same thing does not hold true for foxes and marshmallows. Foxes love the little fluffy whit treat, which quite frankly does not get enough respect in the snack community. Usually, the marshmallow is part of a more complicated dessert, like símores or hot chocolate. The fox, however, knows that marshmallows are worthy of more attention, and can be quite the treat in moderation.

According to the owner, the fox in the photo is a red fox in the silver phase. On his adoption day, the owner popped open a nice bag of giant marshmallows, and threw them in the Foxís enclosure--to the animalís delight. In the past, Iíve never really thought of foxes as a Ďcuteí sort of animal, but watching this guy gorge on marshmallows is unbelievably compelling, especially when he tries to get all sneaky and bury some of the marshmallows for a later snack. Who knows, maybe heís even trying to grow a marshmallow tree?

Seriously, though, the owner notes over at YouTube that the bag of marshmallows is a treat they give the foxes only once a year, so before you get all high and mighty about the foxís poor dietary plan, just take a moment, relax, and watch the little guy bury his snout in the ground, more content with the marshmallows than he is with the dappled sun on his back.
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