Watch A Disguised Jeff Gordon Recklessly Test Drive A Camaro

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Beer and cars might be the two most commonly advertised products during the Super Bowl, but soft drinks actually have a long history with the most watched event each year. Twenty years ago, the famous Crystal Pepsi ad debuted, and just a few months ago, the same beverage company sponsored Beyonceís much discussed Half Time performance. Why in Pepsi Maxís name the powers that be didnít unload this commercial during the big game is beyond me, but not surprisingly, its been speeding around the Internet since it was released yesterday. Almost two million people have already watched it, and it would be a shock if that number didnít triple or quadruple by the end of the weekend.

Good commercials typically bring multiple things to the table. This one, for example, has a great combination of ballsy driving and awkward humor. Some of the things Gordon is able to do inside of the car are incredible, and poor Steveís reactions are so over the top viewers canít help but laugh at the guy.

Hereís to hoping Pepsi Max figures out some different disguises for Gordon and makes this a regular thing. I could watch him scare the shit out of car salesman all day, whether itís in the name of selling sodas or not.
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