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Rate Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

After months of planning and rehearsing, Beyonce Knowles finally took the stage a few minutes ago. The New Orleans crowd really seemed to be feeling her high energy performance, but as for what people thought at home, it’s a little too early to tell.

On the bright side, she maintained constant energy, didn’t shy away from any of the songs people were hoping to hear (“Crazy In Love”, “Single Ladies”, etc) and the specially made stage was undeniably awesome. On the other hand, there were some serious issues with the microphones being too low amongst the other Destiny’s Child members, the performance was definitely more sexual than expected and a couple of the transitions were a bit awkward between songs.

Every Super Bowl performance has been excessively critiqued, analyzed and picked apart. That’s the nature of performing in front of one billion people, and it’s already happening to Beyonce a bit on Twitter. Personally, I thought she was about a solid B+ or so. I loved her frantic energy, and I felt like she left it all out on the stage, but I’m just one person. I want to know what you thought.

Did you think she gave us a memorable concert we’ll fondly remember for years to come, or was her rendition just as forgettable and annoying as pretty much all of the performances of the past several years? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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