It's Christmas Eve, which for some, means relaxing in front of the television with the family and watching the start of the Christmas Story marathon on TBS, or maybe catching Christmas Vacation or It's A Wonderful Life depending on what your family's preference is. My family usually watches The Twilight Zone's "The Night of the Meek" at some point on Christmas Eve. More traditional families might gather near the fireplace for some cocoa and the reading of "The Night Before Christmas." College Humor has an alternative to that in the form of a video that's a modern telling of that tale. There are no sugar plums in this version.

Here's College Humor's "A Modern Night Before Christmas," changes up the classic Christmas story "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (or "The Night Before Christmas").

"Let's be a family and get drunk together!"

As amusing as the video is, especially for those who can relate to family tension, last minute shopping, unwrapped Amazon boxes and Mom having to do all the work, there's a message about the true spirit of Christmas embedded somewhere in there. I think it happens with the line, "Christmas is stressful, but at least we're all here…," which pretty much sums up the holidays for many. Christmas can be pricy and it can be stressful, but in the end, it's a great time to appreciate time spent with loved ones.



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