Justin Bieber spent years being the youngest kid in the room at award shows and events. Consequently, it was always difficult for him to find people in the industry to bond with, but over the past few years, that’s started to change. Now eighteen, he’s roughly the same age as the guys from One Direction and The Wanted, and not surprisingly, they’ve all started to hang out, at least when the Biebs’ new friends aren't at the clubs.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Bieber said it’s really cool to finally have other young people to talk to, even if they don’t share his clean living priorities.
”I hang out with One Direction, and the guys from The Wanted are fun, really funny guys. I keep my distance when they go to clubs to have their fun – I go home.”

Given his wealth, popularity and looks, Bieber could have a hell of a time at the clubs. He could make Harry Styles look like a choir boy, but he discovered a long time ago that looking to the future is often the best way to stay relevant. He’s currently in talks to do a movie with Mark Wahlberg, and he’s been studying Justin Timberlake and Usher to best figure out how to properly transition into adulthood.

The history of music is filled with tons of teenage pop stars who made millions and quickly went bust and a small number of successful acts who built long-term careers. A few trips to the club might not automatically put a performer onto the wrong track, but a few hundred trips certainly would.

Here's to hoping Bieber's short-term sacrifices pay off over time.



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