IFC To Give Portlandia Fans An Early Look At The Battlestar Galactica Themed One Moore Episode image
One of the reasons to look forward to the second season of IFC’s Portlandia, for those of us who like good comedy and good sci-fi, is the Battlestar Galactica-themed episode, which is set to air. We just received word that those of us who are anxiously awaiting Portlandia's “One Moore Episode” won’t have to wait long! While the episode is scheduled to air on IFC on January 13th, it’s premiering online this weekend.
Kelly West 2011-12-29
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: A Frackin Funny Clip For Battlestar Galactica Fans image
Christmas may still be a few days away, but IFC has given us an early gift, which will likely appeal most to those of us who love Portlandia and Battlestar Galactica. This new clip from Portlandia’s upcoming second season will especially hit home for those of us who jumped into Battlestar Galactica (Jump!) partway through the series or after it finished airing.
Kelly West 2011-12-19
Watch The Community Opening Credits Set To Parks And Recreations' Song image
Got time for twenty-one seconds of awesome? Take a look at what the Community opening credits might look like in Parks and Recreation-land. This video mash-up is pretty great!
Kelly West 2011-11-30
Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber To Guest Star On Body Of Proof image
Fans of Battlestar Galactica, and more specifically Jamie Bamber, might want to start watching Body of Proof if they aren’t already. Word is, the former BSG star is set to appear in multiple episodes of the ABC drama series. Details (spoilers!) on his role ahead!
Kelly West 2011-10-18
Battlestar Galactica Prequel Blood And Chrome May Be Shipped To Online Format  image
That is, if Blood and Chrome ever appears on network television at all. Syfy appears to be in no hurry to announce a release date for the movie, much less the series. Vice president of original programming at Syfy, Mark Stern, has even announced the network is weighing whether Blood and Chrome will appear as an online series or will be brought in as a backdoor pilot on the network, as was originally planned.
Jessica Grabert 2011-08-25
Juliette Lewis And Callum Keith Rennie Join NBC's The Firm image
I’m still not entirely sure TV needs a continuation of The Firm, but I’m trying to keep an open mind about the project and this latest bit of casting news has me intrigued. Boarding the drama series is a Cylon and a natural born killer (or actors who have played such roles in the past.)
Kelly West 2011-07-12
Showrunners Documentary Trailer Filled With TV's Finest  image
Perfect timing. Just as the television world is being shaken and stirred, we, thanks to the new doc Showrunners, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the most important position in TV production...the showrunner. For anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes world of television production, as told through the creative eyes that have made so many of your favorite shows, Showrunners is a must.
Jesse Carp 2011-05-17
BBC America To Start Airing Battlestar Galactica image
Like those new fries at Wendy’s or the first ten minutes of Up!, Battlestar Galactica sucks you in with its all-encompassing awesomeness. For two and a half seasons, it thunders forward like an unstoppable juggernaut of brilliant social commentary, only to go up in flames and perish a poor imitation of itself
Mack Rawden 2011-04-22
Heroes' Mark Verheiden Set to Co-Write NBC's Dark Tower Series  image
There’s some good news pertaining to the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. It was announced today that Mark Verheiden has been signed on to co-write the NBC TV series alongside Akiva Goldsman.
Kelly West 2011-04-12
Another Battlestar Galactica Star Joins Ron Moore's 17th Precinct image
After yesterday’s news that James Callis was set to join fellow Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber in Ron Moore’s new NBC pilot, I wondered if anyone else from the excellent Syfy series would sign on for 17th Precinct. As it turns out, good things come in three’s… or Sixes, as it were.
Kelly West 2011-03-04
Syfy Casts Skins Actor In Battlestar Galactica Prequel image
There’s some big casting news for the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome. Word is, young Adama and his boss have been cast.
Kelly West 2011-01-26
The Cape Creator Says Bear McCreary's Theme Music Rocks image
One of the biggest selling points for The Cape for me is the involvement of musical composer Bear McCreary. Tom Wheeler, creator of NBC’s The Cape, told us the theme rocks and given McCreary’s previous work, I doubt that’s an exaggeration.
Kelly West 2010-12-16
Battlestar Galactica's Ronald Moore Sells Series To NBC image
As much as you may hope that Ronald Moore will just return to television and make more Battlestar Galactica until the end of time, the guy needs to move on
Katey Rich 2010-11-10
SyFy Cancels Caprica To Make Room For A BSG Spin-off Someone Might Watch image
In a surprising move that probably shouldn’t be surprising at all when you consider how disinterested everyone was in it, the SyFy Channel has cancelled their Battlestar Galactica prequel spin-off
Josh Tyler 2010-10-28
Battlestar Galactica Gets A New Spin-off: Blood And Chrome Will Follow Young Adama image
Never has the excitement for any geek franchise faded as fast as it has for Battlestar Galactica. When Star Trek went off the air
Josh Tyler 2010-10-22
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