Shaq Visits Conan's Tiny Set, Joel McHale Stops By With A Gift image
Last night on Conan, Conan O’Brien and his TBS talk show sidekick Andy got a taste of their own medicine. After numerous segments a couple weeks back in which puppies were brought up on stage to represent Conan and Andy on a tiny, puppy-sized set, Conan vowed that they’d shoot a whole show on the mini-set. Last night was the night. It was also a night full of tall guests, including Shaquille O’Neal, and Community’s Joel McHale.
Kelly West 2012-03-21
Community Watch: Season 3, Episode 9 - Foosball And Nocturnal Vigilantism image
Two cold and bleak weeks went by, everyone stuck in the darkest timeline and wearing their felt goatees until finally, tonight, Community returned with more evidence as to why NBC would be crazy to cancel the show - otherwise called "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism."
Jesse Carp 2011-12-02
Community Wins TVGuide's Fan Favorites Cover Contest, Three Covers And A Video image
In so many ways, this news is bittersweet. Let's not go over the all too familiar scenario with NBC and the bitter benching of Community and instead focus on the sweet, namely, that the show won the TVGuide Fan Favorites contest, which means they get to grace the cover of a special edition of the popular magazine. This can only help what is one of the most important television causes since Save Our Bluths.
Jesse Carp 2011-11-30
The Soup Is Moving To Wednesdays image
At the end of the month, E! will be shaking things up by moving the excellent pop-culture clip show The Soup from Fridays to Wednesdays. Whether you consider this good news or bad news probably depends on how packed your TV-viewing schedule is.
Kelly West 2011-11-16
Community Watch: Season 3, Episode 5 - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps image
Another great Community Halloween episode, yet I can't help but think that last week's "Remedial Chaos Theory" somehow stole "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" thunder, even if just a little. I'm not implying that last week was a better episode (I'll just flat out say it was) but a part of me senses that had the two intricately, and similarly, structured shows not come out back to back this week would have seemed even more special. Yes, it was still special.
Jesse Carp 2011-10-28
Community Watch: Season 3, Episode 4 - Remedial Chaos Theory image
In the preview to "Remedial Chaos Theory," I discussed how Community hasn't seemed to click yet this season. Sure, this year at Greendale has had its moments and it's still early but last week strayed a little too far from the winning formula - which with this show, is mostly a lack of formula mixed with the amazing cast that makes up the study group. Finally, this week proved that I haven't been constantly recommending this comedy as one of the smartest, funniest and most consistent on television for nothing. And how to they return to form?
Jesse Carp 2011-10-14
Community Watch: Season 3 - Competitive Ecology image
Community opened it's third season with two pretty strong episodes. They did a great job wrapping up loose-ends, setting this year's tone and even creating (or hinting at) a few new roles and relationships for some of our characters. Oh, plus we've already had some great guest work from Michael K. Williams, John Goodman and especially Martin Starr in last week's episode. This weeks episode, "Competitive Geology," is heavy on the Chang but Michael K Williams is back as Professor Kane, so there's always that...
Jesse Carp 2011-10-07
Community Watch : Season 3 Premiere - Biology 101 image
So, the third season of the smartest, most reference-filled, Emmy snubbed, comedy opens with a bunch of lies in song. Yes, a full on musical number that, in retrospect, takes place all inside's Jeff's mind. His perfect vision of Greendale without Pierce. It's quite perfect really, The wishes of Jeff Winger, not to mention the lies - something he may be a little familiar and too comfortable with - for what he hopes will be a normal, happy, sex-with-Annie filled year. Obviously, expect the opposite.
Jesse Carp 2011-09-22
Joel McHale Trains Melissa McCarthy For Her Emmy Noms Announcement Gig image
You know what is even less exciting than awards ceremonies? Announcing the nominees for said awards ceremonies. It usually happens around the crack of dawn, with celebrities who look far too good for that ungodly hour patting all their peers on their expensively attired backs. At least the last few years they've been bringing in some good talent. This year, it's Melissa McCarthy's job and she goes looking for a few tips (from the wrong guy).
Jesse Carp 2011-07-12
Interview: Joel McHale On The Independent Spirit Awards, Community, Spy Kids And More image
On his show The Soup, one of Joel McHale’s favorite targets is Ryan Seacrest, known to many as the modern day version of “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.” Possibly without meaning to, however, McHale has become a candidate for that same title. In addition to working on The Soup, he has a lead role on NBC’s ridiculously hilarious show Community, has roles in upcoming films by David Frankel and Robert Rodriguez and, tomorrow, will serve as host of the Independent Spirit Awards.
Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-25
Joel McHale Signs On For More Soup image
E!’s pop-culture clip show The Soup just celebrated its 300th episode and there will be many more for Joel McHale as he just renewed his contract with the network.
Kelly West 2010-12-06
Community Watch: Mixology Certification image
This episode was dreary, but also quite thoughtful and heartfelt. And it conveyed a message that may not be appreciated but will definitely resonate with the show’s (assumed) young demographic
Drew Stewart 2010-12-02
Community Watch: Messianic Myths And Ancient Peoples image
With a new cabal of sycophants in tow, Abed’s descent into megalomania is rapid, eventually leading to his delusion that he is both a messiah and the world’s greatest filmmaker.
Drew Stewart 2010-10-21
Video Interview: Community's Joel McHale image
On the NBC show Community, Joel McHale plays Jeff Winger, a soulless, former lawyer who has no problem manipulating everyone around him to get what he wants. He’s shallow, narcissistic
Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-14
Comic Con: Joel McHale And Alison Brie Discuss Community image
Find out what they said about the show, McHale’s future on The Soup, Alison’s thoughts on Annie vs. Trudy, and what Betty White will be up to in the second season premiere.
Kelly West 2010-07-25
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