NBC Posts Their 2008-2009 Primetime Lineup image
Itís network upfront season, which means the networks will be unveiling their upcoming primetime lineups. NBC recently released their new schedule for fall 2008 through summer 2009. While itís a little too early to start setting your DVRs, the schedule looks promising and there are quite a few new series included on the schedule.
Kelly West 2008-04-03
Friday Night Lights Saved! And Other News From The NBC Upfronts image
NBC had its upfront presentation today, where it unveiled its schedule for next season. In addition to new shows such as The Office spinoff we previously reported on, many fan favorites will be returning next season. Chief among those is Friday Night Lights, the low-rated, but beloved high school football series. FNL will be returning for a 3rd season, but wonít premiere until the winter.
Kona Gallagher 2008-04-02
TV Review: Knight Rider image
One of the downsides to remakes and spin-offs of classic TV series is that we often raise our expectations up so high that itís almost impossible for the new show or in this case, TV movie to meet them. I can accept that though, which is why I usually allow for a bit of disappointment in cases like these. Unfortunately, Knight Rider not only failed to live up to the hype, but it didnít even come close to what I was hoping it would be.
Kelly West 2008-02-18
KITT Gets A New Voice; Arnett Out, Kilmer In image
If you were planning on checking out Will Arnettís snarky take on KITT the talking supercar for the re-launch of the 80s classic action series Knight Rider, youíre going to be in for a shock and a little disappointment.
Jon Costantino 2008-02-07
Bruening Riffs On Knight Rider image
A man and his car have a special bond, and thatís just what David Hasselhoff told Justin Bruening on the first day of shooting the new Knight Rider TV movie. The movie airs Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. on NBC, and Bruening, who plays the new Knight Rider, Mike Tracer, was happy for the advice from the man who originated the role.
Jane Louise Boursaw 2008-01-25
Video Clip: A Better Look At Knight Rider's Mike Knight image
Finally! After pictures and teasers of the upcoming TV movie spin-off/remake, Knight Rider we actually have some video footage of the movie that reveals a bit more than just KITT. Donít get me wrong; I love KITT. KITT is the heart of the show but since the initial excitement of seeing the car and hearing it talk wore off, I have been kind of curious as to some of the other aspects of the movie.
Kelly West 2008-01-10
More KITT In The Latest Knight Rider Teaser image
The voices in both teasers sound somewhat modified but the second one barely sounds like Arnett at all. Did they just increase whatever effects they were using on Arnettís voice for the latest teaser or is that someone totally different? As K.I.T.Tís voice plays a pretty major role in the show, it seems unlikely that they would use a stand-in voice for the trailer. So either theyíve recast the role (extremely doubtful but still very possible) or it really is him.
Kelly West 2008-01-08
Vroom Vroom...Knight Rider Revs Up image
Knight Rider fans are buzzing about the 15-second teaser that aired during NBCís Sunday Night Football. The clip features the new KITT -- voiced by Arrested Development alum Will Arnett -- debuting in the upcoming two-hour movie on February 17, 9-11 p.m. EST. Message boards are all a-flutter that the Shelby Mustang should have been a much cooler Trans Am, Corvette or Charger. but I think the movieís success rests more on the special fx and characters than the car itself.

Jane Louise Boursaw 2007-12-26
Will Arnett Turns Into A Talking Car image
When it was announced there would be a remake of the 80s classic Knight Rider TV show, there was grumbling that William Daniels, the original voice of K.I.T.T. the talking car, would not be reprising his role. The whiners will probably shut up today, though, since Will Arnett will be taking over the job.
Katey Rich 2007-12-12
Pictures Of Remake-Knight Rider's KITT Surface Online image
In the original Knight Rider series, Michaelís infamous talking-car-sidekick was a black Pontiac Trans Am. Obviously the remake is going to have quite a few upgrades and according to, one of the shinier features of the miniseries will include a totally new K.I.T.T. The site included pictures of new-K.I.T.T., which is a black 550 HP Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang.
Kelly West 2007-11-30
New Details Leaked About Knight Rider Remake image
Remember a few days ago when I talked about the planned update of the 80s kitsch classic Knight Rider, and I kind of scoffed at the notion that a talking car could be considered high-tech in this day and age? Yeah, apparently the producers either read this site or are a few steps ahead of me. Moviehole has leaked information about the two-hour pilot that indicates the show will be working to update itself and be better suited to the 21st-century, while still, of course, hanging on to a few icons from the past. Movieholeís info contains SERIOUS SPOILERS, so if you donít wanna know, donít read!
Katey Rich 2007-11-25
Hasselhoff Joining Knight Rider Update image
Soap opera star Justin Bruening will star as Mike Tracer, Michael Knightís estranged son who is recruited by Sarah Kamen (Deanna Russo) to help track down her father, the founder of the industry that created Knight Rider, the titular talking car. Presumably during the course of their hunt Michael will show up and help them understand the mystical ways of the talking caróeven though, uh, pretty much anyoneís car can talk to them these days. I guess thatís a detail to be worked out later.
Katey Rich 2007-11-20
NBC Casts Sexy Soap Star For Knight Rider image
If the summer blockbuster hit Transformers is any indication of the country's general feelings towards automobiles, its pretty clear that the people love cars that can talk. So what better time to remake the classic 80's TV series, Knight Rider than now? NBC plans to do just that and it looks like they've finally settled on a leading man for the 2-hour made-for-TV movie that could serve to be the pilot for a new series for the network.
Kelly West 2007-11-03
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