Scandal Fall Finale Watch: Blown Away And A Look At The Winter Premiere Episode image
So? Were you "Blown Away" by tonight's episode of Scandal? If you weren't because you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now. Spoilers from the fall finale of the ABC drama series ahead! In addition to some thoughts on tonight's episode, we also have a preview for the next new episode of Season 2, which unfortunately won't air for about a month.
Kelly West 2012-12-13
Arrow Watch: Midseason Finale, Episode 9 - Year's End image
Picking up right where "Muse of Fire" left off, "Vendetta," Arrow's eighth episode delivered on almost all fronts and might be the best installment of the still young series. Until last night. Lucky for us, the adaptation based on the classic DC comic just keeps improving and the midseason finale featured the arrival of another rival, except this time it's a full on copycat. There's another archer in Starling City, only this new guy prefers his arrows black.
Jesse Carp 2012-12-13
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 9 - The Coat Hanger image
A mere winter break isn’t stopping American Horror Storyfrom guaranteeing your holidays are tainted by a million different storyline threads dangling around your mistletoe. Can we momentarily consider this show put its Christmas episode the week before the last episode shown before Christmas. AHS says, “Fuck your calendar. I’m still on that Viking shit.” Let’s get elementary this week, shall we? I present the ABCs of this week’s American Horror Story.
Nick Venable 2012-12-13
The Amazing Race Season Finale Watch: Take Down That Million image
This is it... the final chapter of this, the twenty-first running of The Amazing Race. The four remaining teams head from Spain to France, where one team became the last one eliminated. And then, it's back home to the U.S., where the final three teams run around Manhattan hoping to become TV's latest millionaires.
Patrick Hodges 2012-12-10
Dexter Watch: Season 7, Episode 11: Do You See What I See? image
Tonight's episode of Dexter had the title character focused on the future, which is kind of funny, given how much of this season has dwelled on the past. Dredging up the Bay Harbor Butcher story arc has worked in the series' favor this season and tonight's "Do You See What I See?" took that a step further with one very interesting twist.
Kelly West 2012-12-09
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 8 - My Whole Life Is Thunder image
30 Rock spends the episode after Liz's wedding dealing with the Jenna fallout and says goodbye to one of the series best regulars. Liz's nuptials were a surprise for just about everyone the next day at TGS, none more than Jenna who was planning to have her own surprise wedding that very day on the show with Paul L'Astname; yes, that is his last name.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-12-07
Parks And Recreation Watch: Season 5, Episode 8 - Ron And Diane image
Parks & Rec is back with another holiday episode and we get the return of a Tammy to do battle with Ron's new lady, Diane. Ron has entered his latest chair into the local woodworkers' competition and he is up for a award. Ron, Diane and Leslie all attend the award ceremony, Leslie coming for emotional support, but she ends up running diversion when Tammy II shows up to try and woo Ron back into her pants.
Zac Oldenburg 2012-12-07
Supernatural Watch: Season 8, Episode 9 - Citizen Fang image
The Benny drama came to a head this week in “Citizen Fang” as Martin teamed up with Sam and Dean to track the vampire after a dead body turned up in Louisiana. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Martin, who last appeared in Season 5’s “Sam, Interrupted.” The show wasted no time reminding us that Martin is still a bit unhinged following his time in the mental hospital, and that flaw proved to be his undoing by episode’s end.
Josh Raymer 2012-12-06
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 8 - Unholy Night image
During the holidays at Briarcliff Manor, you must eat, drink, and be merry, for you might die in like, a few minutes. Kicking off the holidays weeks ahead of time fits right into the time-morphing drama of AHS, and it’d be mighty tough to think of a better way to exemplify Christmas than a straight razor-wielding Ian McShane in a Santa suit. You know how horror anthologies like Tales From the Crypt and Outer Limits make it fun to pick out current celebrities in early roles?
Nick Venable 2012-12-06
Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale Watch: J'ai Obtenu Cette image
Holy shit, guys. What an ending to possibly my favorite season yet of Sons of Anarchy. Okay, so maybe it’s still too fresh in my mind, but for a show whose last four episodes tacked on an extra twenty minutes-plus without ever overstaying its welcome, this fifth season gave viewers a mountain of plotlines to gnaw on. Of course, it also gave viewers a bafflingly underused Joel McHale and Danny Trejo, but that’s in the recaps. Tonight is about mental celebrations and physical repercussions.
Nick Venable 2012-12-05
Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 3 Finale - Margate Sands image
The first word that comes to mind when thinking about last night's season finale of Boardwalk Empire is skilled. On the one hand, the it implies that “Margate Sands” was well executed but, on the other, it also connotes a level of cold calculation. It wasn't as suspenseful or emotional as the two leading up to the finale but it did showcase the series' structural brilliance and the stacks of bodies surely kept those hoping for a blood soaked finish to Season 3
Jesse Carp 2012-12-03
The Amazing Race Watch: Not a Well-Rounded Athlete image
Getting down to the end now. Four teams make their way from Holland to Mallorca, Spain, the home of bullfighting, cave-dwelling guitarists and Rafael Nadal. One team learns to their dismay why learning how to drive a stick-shift is a requisite for racing.
Patrick Hodges 2012-12-03
The Walking Dead Watch: Season 3, Episode 8 - Made To Suffer image
When one falls, another shall rise. See the new black male character arrive, watch as the old one is killed off. I hope it’s accidental that this has happened twice in the season, but it’s odd that Team Grimes Penitentiary can only have one black man in the group at a time. OK, we’ve gotten that out of the way let us move on to the cliffhangingest episode ever.
Steve West 2012-12-03
Dexter Watch: Season 7, Episode 9 - The Dark... Whatever image
Wow. Things certainly took an interesting turn tonight on Dexter. And by interesting, I mean yet another possible game-changer for the series. Spoiler warning: If you're not caught up through "The Dark… Whatever," read no further! The whole "Dark Passenger" side of Dexter has always been his way of justifying his nature, but he's never really been called out on it or forced to explain it… until tonight.
Kelly West 2012-12-02
Glee Watch: Season 4, Episode 8 - Gangnam Style image
Gleeks, we got a belated Thanksgiving episode complete with sectionals, appearances by our favorite New Directions alumni and an orphan NYC Thanksgiving. Plus Marley's eating disorder has taken a dangerous turn for the worse.
Melissa Duko 2012-11-30
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