The Glades Renewed For Season 3 image
Season 2 of The Glades averaged 3.9 million viewers an episode. Thatís spectacular for A&E whose other big drama, Breakout Kings, only enticed around 2 million viewers to watch. 3.9 million viewers should certainly be enough to give a series a third season; but A&E was more than happy to let fans sweat out the possibility for a month after Season 2 ended.
Jessica Grabert 2011-10-18
Showtime, 2 Others Pass On The Kennedys image
Starz and FX have also said thanks but no thanks, leading at least this author to wonder whether itís actually an issue of quality or the surviving Kennedyís just have more sway with television networks than anyoneís giving them credit for
Mack Rawden 2011-01-12
Amidst Controversy History Cancels Kennedy Miniseries  image
It is certainly possible History has lowered standards for historically accuracy outside the United States; then again, itís also possible the miniseries was more offensive than inaccurate
Mack Rawden 2011-01-07
Intervention Spins Off To Relapse image
Relapse will follow former addicts as they fight to keep former rehab patients for falling back into their old habits. Five episodes have been ordered thus far, aiming towards a premiere in the spring
Mack Rawden 2011-01-07
New Drama Breakout Kings Coming To Cable image
If there is one thing television people can never get enough of, itís law enforcement drama. Almost every unit of the law has had its time on the small screen (usually a couple of times over)...
Doug Norrie 2010-06-30
Too Fat For Reality: Is TV Exploiting Obesity? image
Iím sure there are other series out there, between cable and network TV that feature some sort of diet/weight-centric theme but itís those three in particular that got me wondering whether or not series like these are changing peopleís perspective on the issue of obesity in this country.
Kelly West 2010-03-25
Kirstie Alley's Big Life Review image
Kirstie Alleyís weight issues have been the talk of the tabloids for quite some time now. So Iím taking her decision to participate in her own reality show as a chance to reclaim some of the power she has over how her image is presented.
Kelly West 2010-03-20
Kirstie Alley's Big Life Preview: Premieres This Sunday image
One of the things Iím most interested to see in Kirstie Alleyís new A&E reality show is how much of herself sheís willing to put out there as she lets the cameras document her life. Based on the video promo we have to share with you, she seems pretty comfortable with the situation.
Kelly West 2010-03-18
Sugarloaf Given 13 Episode Order image
A&E has a new drama series on the horizen. It was announced today that the network has given a 13-episode order for a drama series called Sugarloaf. Upon hearing a title of the series, I immediately thought it must have something to do with skiing but alas, thatís not to be the caseÖ unless they have skiing down in Florida.
Kelly West 2010-02-24
Kevin Smith Declines TV Interview To Talk About Southwest Air Incident image
Fans of Kevin Smith who were hoping to see him appear on Larry King or some other talk show to talk about his experience with being ejected from a Southwest Airline plane after their staff determined he was a ďcustomer of sizeĒ (too big for one seat) probably wonít get to see a TV interview from Smith, at least not on this subject.
Kelly West 2010-02-17
The Hoff Gets His Own Reality Show image
If you thought David Hasselhoff leaving his hosting gig on Americaís Got Talent meant heíd be done with TV for a while, you were wrong. In fact, fans of The Hoff will be getting an even bigger dose of him because heís getting his own reality show.
Kelly West 2010-01-20
The Jackson Five: A Family Dynasty Review image
I had a chance to screen the first two episodes of The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, which features the coming together of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon as they talk about cutting a 40th anniversary album and later, their reactions to the loss of their brother Michael.
Kelly West 2009-12-12
Hoarders Preview: Second Season Premiere image
Iím sure plenty of us have problems with clutter but A&Eís unscripted series Hoarders is for situations that are completely out of control. If you want to see just how bad things can get for for some people when they arenít able to let go of the stuff thatís piling up in their houses, check out this sneak peek for the second season premiere of Hoarders.
Kelly West 2009-11-27
Hoarders Returns For A Second Season This Month image
Did you know that compulsive hoarding is an actual mental disorder? A&E has dedicated a whole series to the issue, which apparently involves people stashing away large quantities of items, some of which are worthless, hazardous or unsanitary. The second season of the reality show will premiere later this month.
Kelly West 2009-11-09
Paranormal State And Pyschic Kids Returning This December image
As paranormal activity doesn't seem to take a break for the holidays, A&E isn't either. Next month the network is bringing back two of their paranormal-themed reality series. Paranormal State and Pyschic Kids: Children of the Paranormal are both set to premiere on December 15th.
Kelly West 2009-11-07
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