American Horror Story Season 2 Teaser Brings The Nun Back image
Has anyone come up with any solid theories on how the white-faced nun will factor into the second season of American Horror Story, if at all? She's back in the latest teaser for the series, which returns this October with a whole new story and new characters (and a partially-new cast). In the latest teaser, she shows us that she likes to party. But what does it mean?!
Kelly West 2012-08-28
American Horror Story Season 2 Teaser Is Stuck In A Glass Prison image
The latest creepy teaser for American Horror Story: Asylum has made its way online. And once again, it gives us little to go on in the way of what's ahead for the series, but if nothing more, it reminds us of just how creepy this series is. If Season 2 is as dark and twisted as these teasers are, October can't get here soon enough!
Kelly West 2012-08-24
American Horror Story: Asylum's Second Teaser Is As Creepy As Its First image
American Horror Story: Asylum is gearing up for an October premiere date, and the promotional material portraying the upcoming season has not disappointed thus far. The show’s newest teaser clip follows a nun covered in white from her habit to her face makeup.
Jessica Grabert 2012-08-19
American Horror Story Season 2 Gets An Adjusted Title image
It appears American Horror Story is taking a similar approach to its title as we've seen in series like Spartacus and the latter two seasons of Torchwood, in that it will distinguish itself with a specified subtitle. Given the FX drama series' plan to restart itself in Season 2, with a whole new setting and a new set of characters, that seems as fitting as it is unsurprising. And now that we know AHS will be followed by a colon and a subtitle, we also have the Season 2 title.
Kelly West 2012-08-01
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