Being Human Renewed For Season 4, Syfy Developing Two More Miniseries image
Syfy had some exciting news to announce today at the Upfronts in New York. Along with word that they're developing two new miniseries based on books, comes the announcement that Being Human has been renewed for Season 4. The announcement was made today, and comes just days after the supernatural drama series wrapped up its exciting third season.
Kelly West 2013-04-10
In The Flesh And Being Human Get Summer Premiere Dates On BBC America image
Following BBC America’s premiere of Orphan Black as part of the Supernatural Saturday lineup, the network has announced this summer’s Supernatural Saturday premieres. This includes the final season of Being Human and a BBC drama production co-produced by BBC America called In the Flesh.
Jessica Rawden 2013-04-06
Being Human Season 3 Promo: What's Blood Got To Do With It? image
I expressed some concern over Sally's story in Being Human this season, and while I'm still not sure I love live-Sally, last night's episode certainly took an interesting turn for her. Being alive but in communication with the spirit world definitely gives her an interesting perspective on ghosts. And it's one that could prove to be especially useful and interesting if and when she ever returns to being a ghost, which I'm convinced is only a matter of time.
Kelly West 2013-02-12
BBC Three's Being Human Will End After Season 5 image
The BBC Three hit that spawned a U.S. version - as well as gaining a following among American audiences on BBC America, Being Human - has an end game in sight. Today the BBC announced that the show will be wrapping up at the end of the current fifth season, and the BBC promises an “apocalyptic end”.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2013-02-07
Being Human Season 3 Clip Shows Aidan Battling Temptation image
One of the things I really liked about last night's Being Human was the conversation between Sally and Aidan, wherein she reminded him that she and Josh used to be enough for him. Josh has been off the wagon for more than a season now, and it's about time he at least tries "being human," I think. Given the dangers of blood drinking for vampires these days, now seems as good a time as any to give up feeding directly from humans.
Kelly West 2013-02-05
Being Human Season 3: A Look At I'm So Lonesome I Could Die image
Seeing the preview for this Sunday's episode of Girls, it just occurred to me that the HBO comedy series and Syfy's Being Human both have episodes titled "It's a Shame About Ray" this season. For Being Human, it was the Season 3 premiere and a reference to Josh's maker. For this Sunday's Girls, Ray is Shoshanna's boyfriend (sort of?). And I'm thinking both titles are a nod to the Lemonheads.
Kelly West 2013-01-29
Being Human Season 3 Review: Syfy's Supernatural Drama Returns Tonight image
Being Human is back. The U.S. adaptation of the popular British drama is moving into its third season tonight, bringing us back to the supernatural shenanigans of Aidan, Sally and Josh, the vampire, the ghost and the werewolf, all of whom left off separated and in precarious positions at the end of Season 2, to put it mildly. The third season premiere resolves the cliffhangers and introduces some very interesting developments to the plot.
Kelly West 2013-01-14
Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special Airs Tonight, Featuring Amanda Tapping, Jamie Bamber, Sam Witwer And Others image
Twenty years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel debuted on U.S. cable television, and since then, the channel has offered us some of the more imaginative programming on television, whether it fall under actual science fiction, fantasy, reality or paranormal. Or wrestling. Don't forget wrestling! Syfy's celebrating its 20th Anniversary on television with a special that's set to air tonight and will feature the stars of some of its beloved shows.
Kelly West 2012-12-10
Syfy's Winter Slate Includes Merlin, Being Human And New Programming image
Syfy is going hard and heavy with its winter programming slate. The network will introduce several new programs—mostly lower budget reality fodder—and will also be bringing back a slew of old favorites in January and February, as well as Haunted Collector, which will hit the schedule in March.
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-04
Being Human Season 3 Premiere Date Set, Mark Pellegrino To Return As Guest Star image
Yesterday, Syfy gave us the first official trailer for their upcoming new series Defiance. Before that sci-fi drama makes its debut next spring, Syfy will bring Being Human back for its third season. The premiere date for the not-exactly-sci-fi but thoroughly entertaining drama (and remake) has been set for mid-January.
Kelly West 2012-10-15
Being Human Comic Con Panel Madness! image
Being Human is a show about three 20 somethings living together, but they are a ghost a vampire and a werewolf. It's based on a UK series I enjoyed the first series of and the Syfy North American re-boot is getting a third season, because it's the SyFy show that has a 52% female audience, and what science fiction network doesn't want to court women?
Da7e 2012-07-14
Casting Updates For Syfy's Being Human, FX's Sons Of Anarchy And Hallmark's Cedar Cove image
Casting news today has two actors booking major recurring roles and a third taking up the co-lead opposite Andie McDowell in Hallmark channel’s first scripted series, Cedar Cove. Blood Ties’ Dylan Neal will take up the Hallmark gig, while a former Dexter actor moves to Sons of Anarchy and The Finder’s Amy Aquino will join Being Human.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-06-08
Being Human Season 2 Finale Preview: It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To image
Syfy’s Being Human is about to wrap up its second season, and based on this clip, one of the characters is about to take some fairly drastic measures in an effort to rid them of their predicament. But will they go through with it? Check out the clip ahead to see the situation being discussed, and consider this the end of the spoiler-free-zone!

Kelly West 2012-04-04
Being Human Season 2 Preview: Partial Eclipse Of The Heart image
We’re running out of episodes for the second season of Syfy’s Being Human. In fact, “Partial Eclipse of the Heart” is the second too last episode of the season. Two seems to be a theme here, as there are now only two characters left trying to be human, as one took leave during Monday’s episode.
Kelly West 2012-03-27
BBC's Being Human Renewed For Season 5 image
While the North American version of Being Human is still working its way through its second season on Syfy, the original Toby Whithouse-created series has just wrapped up Season 4 across the pond and currently airing on Saturday nights on BBC America over here, as part of the channel’s “Supernatural Saturday” feature.
Kelly West 2012-03-26
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