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How I Met Your Mother's 'Rehearsal Dinner' Delivers A Canadian Twist image
The clip reveals the twist during last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, when Robin had reached the end of her rope and Barney admitted that sometimes he was going to have to lie to her. Or rather, that he would need to bamboozle her every once in a while. Robin’s Canadian-ness has been the source of many a joke on How I Met Your Mother...
Kelly West 2013-12-03
How I Met Your Mother's 200th Episode Will Focus On The Mother image
How I Met Your Mother’s Season 9 eventful wedding weekend has so far managed to keep audiences interested and tie up a lot of loose ends. However, the long-awaited mother has been kept fairly under wraps, popping up in the plot only on occasion, and mostly through time-jumping sequences. Regardless, all of that is about to change, thanks to the comedy’s very special 200th episode.
Jessica Rawden 2013-12-02
How I Met Your Mother Spinoff 'How I Met Your Dad' Is Moving Forward image
Whether or not you’re a fan of the idea of How I Met Your Mother being spun off, it seems CBS is optimistic about the project as they’re moving forward with it. It’s currently titled How I Met Your Dad, and the latest update is that CBS has given the comedy a pilot-production commitment.
Kelly West 2013-11-15
How I Met Your Mother Teases Upcoming Rhyming Episode image
Forget Slapsgiving, this year How I Met Your Mother offers us “Bedtime Stories,” a “rhyming episode told in three tales,” which will air the Monday before Thanksgiving (November 25). An all-rhyming episode of How I Met Your Mother? It could be Slap-bet/Robin Sparkles-amazing or… well, it could be annoying by the end of the first act. The jury’s still out, but let’s stay optimistic here.
Kelly West 2013-11-06
How I Met Your Mother Spinoff In The Works At CBS image
While some might argue that the draw of How I Met Your Mother has always been right there in the title, as we waited season after season for Ted to meet his kids' mother. But to be honest, my interest in the titular “Mother” and Ted’s quest for love has always been minimal by comparison to my appreciation for the format of the show, the humor, the characters and the excellent group dynamic among the fivesome of friends living in New York.
Kelly West 2013-10-30
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Set To Return To How I Met Your Mother image
Bryan Cranston is heading back to How I Met Your Mother during the CBS comedy’s final season. The man hasn’t been a part of the HIMYM family since 2007, when he popped up on the series as one of Ted Mosby’s coworkers and later one of his underlings. In Season 9, he’ll return to the series playing the infamous Hammond Druthers.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-25
How I Met Your Mother Returns, And Some Of That Old Nostalgia Magic Is Back  image
Other little moments, like Ted giving Robin the photo we see in the opening credits, hinted that the show itself is aware of what a long 8 years it's been, and with only a wedding weekend to fill an entire season in real time I would count on many more flashbacks and moments for Ted-style nostalgia-- which, to be fair, the show has pretty much earned
Katey Rich 2013-09-24
The Blacklist, Mom And Hostages Premiere Tonight, The Voice And HIMYM Return image
While a handful of shows made their debuts last week, this week the major networks will begin to really roll out their fall programming. In addition to the return of some beloved series, tonight has a few new items on the menu, including a CBS comedy and two suspenseful looking dramas. Check out the trailers ahead!
Kelly West 2013-09-23
New How I Met Your Mother Preview Focuses On Ted's Future Wife image
It’s hard to believe it’s already September. As programs like Breaking Bad and Under the Dome are winding up their runs, new shows will be premiering on network and cable television over the next couple of months. Among these fall premieres in the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother. CBS hasn’t been shy about announcing the long-awaited ‘mother’ will play a large role in the series, and the network’s latest teaser gives us several good looks at the character.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-10
True Blood's Anna Camp Will Take Over Ellie Kemper's Stint On How I Met Your Mother image
Last winter, prospects for Ellie Kemper to find work after The Office seemed pretty great. The actress was busy putting together a pilot called Brenda Forever and she had numerous guest stints on her plate. However, NBC hasn’t moved forward with Brenda Forever at this juncture, and Kemper won’t even be popping up in that highly-touted episode of How I Met Your Mother we told you about just last month. Now, she’s being replaced by Pitch Perfect actress Anna Camp.
Jessica Rawden 2013-08-30
How I Met Your Mother Cast Looks Hungover On EW Cover, Ted And The Mother Get Cozy image
If the cover of this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly is any indication, we're in for a wild final season for How I Met Your Mother, or the characters are anyway. As they say somewhat regularly on the CBS comedy, it's gonna be legen - wait for it… The cover of the magazine shows us series stars Josh Radnor (Ted), Cobie Smulders (Robin), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney), Jason Segel (Marshall) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily). Who's missing?
Kelly West 2013-08-28
Ted's Kids Strike Back In How I Met Your Mother Comic-Con Video image
I, for one, am just happy to see Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie all grown up, and seeming to really relish throwing a few F-bombs at the disembodied voice of Bob Saget, who just can't believe they're not interested in hearing about his Greek yogurt breakfast and the million other inane anecdotes he's told them over the years
Katey Rich 2013-07-20
How I Met Your Mother Comic-Con Panel Recap image
How I Met Your Mother is heading into its last season, and today at Comic-Con, it makes its grand debut at the convention center, as the cast and writers convene in the Hilton's Indigo Ballroom to discuss what's in store for the final season, and I'm here to live-blog all the details for you.
Kelly West 2013-07-20
The Office's Ellie Kemper To Guest Star In How I Met Your Mother's Final Season image
It’s hard to believe that How I Met Your Mother is gearing up for its final season on CBS. The long-running comedy has a few epic events in store for fans in the season after the show has finally given us a sneak peek at the mother. The entire season will span the length of Robin and Barney’s wedding and a few big names have already signed on to be a part of the epic event. Now, The Office’s Ellie Kemper has signed on to guest star in one of the final season episodes of the hit show.
Jessica Rawden 2013-07-18
How I Met Your Mother Among 20th Century Fox TV Series Headed To Comic Con  image
Comic Con is a little over a month away, which means we're at the point where we should start hearing confirmation on what TV shows will be showcased at the convention. The list for 20th Century Fox TV's series has arrived online and indicates that a number of new series will be featured with panels, as well as How I Met Your Mother, which will make its Comic Con debut in San Diego to promote its final season.
Kelly West 2013-06-12
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