Bullet In The Face Preview: IFC Teases Eddie Izzard And Eric Roberts image
On top of IFC's new comedies, Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! and a game show spoof called Bunk, the network still has Alan Spencer's Bullet In The Face scheduled for later this summer. The six-episode event from the Sledge Hammer! creator will air over two nights in August and follows a former thief forced undercover to take down the city's gang leaders. Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts play the rival mob bosses and here's a brief look at both characters.
Jesse Carp 2012-06-28
Bullet In The Face Preview: First Tease For IFC's Violent New Comedy image
Friday night saw the premiere of two of IFC's newest ventures into original programming with Scott Aukerman's variety sketch series Comedy Bang! Bang! and Kurt Braunohler's game show spoof Bunk. And briefly joining these two later this summer as part of the network's small but growing stable of original comedies is Alan Spencer's Bullet In The Face. Take a look a this teaser for the part comedy, part action thriller from the man behind Sledgehammer!.
Jesse Carp 2012-06-11
Comedy Bang! Bang! Preview: Funny Or Die's Ultimate Teaser Trailer image
Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! premieres tonight on IFC. Developed from his popular podcast of the same name, the talk show (of sorts) will feature in studio and taped sketches as well as musical-comedian Reggie Watts as the one man band leader. Like the variety programs its spoofs, CB!B! will also have celebrity guests stopping by for a chat and a healthy mix of them have teamed up to promote the new series with this epic preview.
Jesse Carp 2012-06-08
Bunk Preview: Watch An Episode Of IFC's Game Show Parody With Kurt Braunohler image
Bunk is a new game show parody hosted by stand-up Kurt Braunohler and it features three different comedian contestants each week who perform absurd comedy challenges for non-charitable causes. The previous looks at the series have been brief, including the 'players' having to shame puppies, but IFC has now made the entire fourth episode available a few weeks before the premiere. It features Thomas Lennon, Eugene Mirman and Kumail Nanijiani as the comedic contestants. Take a look...
Jesse Carp 2012-05-25
Comedy Bang! Bang! Preview: A Song From Will Forte And Full Episode Featuring Amy Poehler image
Comedy Bang! Bang! is IFC's new variety show hosted by Scott Aukerman and based on his successful podcast of the same name. The half-hour talk show parody, now complete with its own band leader in Reggie Watts, premieres in under a month and will feature, well a 'variety' of celebrity guests and sketches. Here's a preview featuring Will Forte as well as an entire episode with guest, and another SNL alum, Amy Poehler. Yes, that is a wig roughly the same color and length as her real hair.
Jesse Carp 2012-05-24
IFC Teases Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! With A Ten-Minute Sneak Peek image
Hosted by creator Scott Aukerman, and featuring band leader Reggie Watts, Comedy Bang! Bang! is based off Aukerman's successful podcast of the same name and is coming to IFC this summer. The brief teases for the show that IFC have released are totally bizarre and certainly hint at the kind of comedy one can expect from the new series. However, IFC has also released this 'sneak peek' which at almost ten minutes definitely offers a much better sample of what to expect. Take a look.
Jesse Carp 2012-05-01
Bunk Preview: IFC's Game Show Parody Challenges Contestants To Shame That Puppy image
IFC's new game show parody called Bunk is hosted by stand-up comedian Kurt Braunohler and features a rotating line-up of comedian contestants performing absurd comedy challenges. The network just released the first preview for the series airing this summer as well as a clip where the guests are forced to play a little game called 'shame that puppy.' It's pretty hilarious. Stupid puppies.
Jesse Carp 2012-04-25
First Clip From IFC's New Series Comedy Bang! Bang! Features Zach Galifianakis image
Comedy Bang! Bang! is a 'variety show' hosted by Scott Aukerman which will feature celebrity guests, humorous sketches and animation. Pivotal in the development of Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns, this time Aukerman is put in front of the camera and it looks, uh, truly bizarre. And, more importantly, really funny. The first tease features Galifianakis imagining what it would be like if dogs could talk. Well, trying to imagine.
Jesse Carp 2012-04-25
WTF? IFC Greenlights A Series From Comedian And Podcaster Marc Maron image
IFC is pretty intent on developing a solid original comedy slate. After seeing success with the David Cross starring Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret as well as Fred Armisen's Portlandia, the network quickly nabbed two more original comedies, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk. And now, following in the former's footsteps from podcast to series, IFC has green lit a new show loosely based on WTF with Marc Maron.
Jesse Carp 2012-03-21
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 8 - Penny Marshall And LaMarcus Aldridge Guest Star image
How important is Facebook to your relationship? This Friday nightís episode of Portlandia addresses that issue with a funny sketch that includes a bit of gender reversal between stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Check it out ahead!
Kelly West 2012-02-22
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: The Dream Of The 1890's Is Alive In Portland image
When IFCís Portlandia first premiered, the series kicked off with a musical number about the dream of the í90ís and the city of Portland, where all of the hot girls wear glasses and young people go to retire. This Fridayís episode will feature a follow up song. The dream of the í90ís is still alive in Portland!... the 1890ís, anyway...
Kelly West 2012-02-02
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 4 - A Walk In The Dog Park image
Is everyone a DJ in Portlandia? Itís certainly looking that way in one of the clips we have to show you from this Fridayís episode. And then thereís the adventures of two very enthusiastic dog owners as they take their canine to the dog park.
Kelly West 2012-01-24
The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret DVD Review image
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is a pretty fantastic British-American sitcom, written by David Cross and Shaun Pye for IFC, taking many cues from its overseas influences. Todd is presented with an opportunity that eventually becomes an interwoven string of ludicrous fables and raucous misinterpretations, usually ending with someone being completely alienated. Itís like Curb Your Enthusiasm, if Larry David was a naÔve imbecile instead of stubbornly opinionated.
Nick Venable 2012-01-18
Portlandia Season 2 Preview: Episode 3 - Jack McBrayer Guest Stars image
As someone who has the tendency to compulsively hoard grocery bags for later use, I feel very little guilt when I forget my more environmentally friendly reusable grocery bag. But Iím also fortunate enough to visit grocery stores that donít serve a side-dish of awkwardness when such a scenario takes place, unlike Jack McBrayerís character in this Fridayís episode of Portlandia.
Kelly West 2012-01-17
Can Portlandia's Armisen And Brownstein Keep The Dream Of The '90's Alive In Springfield? image
The dream of the í90ís may be alive in Springfield. Just a week after IFCís comedy series Portlandia returned for its second season comes word that series creators and stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are headed to Fox for a guest spot on the networkís long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons.
Kelly West 2012-01-13
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