Southland Is Back For The First Time On TNT image
TNT premieres their new drama Southland tonight ... except that it's not really new. Southland was an early casualty at NBC this season; many suspect it was The Jay Leno Show at 10 PM†ET that did it in. The content was too dark (and it is) and sophisticated for the earlier time slot
Jason J. Hughes 2010-01-12
Southland's Kevin Alejandro Joining True Blood Cast image
It seems the dreamy Kevin Alejandro is joining the cast of True Blood in itís third season. Southland fans will recognize him from his role as Detective Nate Moretta, while Ugly Betty fans may remember him better from his role as Justinís father (and Hildaís deceased fiancť) Santos.
Kelly West 2010-01-04
TNT Officially Picks Up Southland image
TNT isnít above picking up NBCís cast-offs and thatís a good thing for fans of Southland. TNT made the official announcement today that theyíve picked up thirteen episodes of Southland. This includes the six unaired episodes for season two as well as the seven episodes from the first season.
Kelly West 2009-11-02
Southland To Get A Second Chance On TNT? image
While NBC may have decided to shut down Southland before the series even premiered for its second season, it looks as though there may be hope for the cop-drama.
Kelly West 2009-10-12
NBC 2009 Fall Premiere Dates image
The network will premiere most of its shows over a two week period starting with the September 13th launch of Sunday Night Football
Steve West 2009-06-25
2010 NBC Midseason Schedule image
NBC released their 2010 midseason lineup today. In addition to the return of Chuck (yay!), the schedule also lists some new series, including the Jerichoesque Day One, nurse drama series Mercy and comedy 100 Questions.
Kelly West 2009-05-19
NBC Fall 2009 TV Premiere Schedule image
NBC comes in hot on the heels of ABC with their fall and 2010 midseason lineups. The big issue the peacock network has is their offer to Jay Leno for that 10pm weeknight slot.
Steve West 2009-05-19
NBC Moving Kings Once More image
Kings continues its constant duck and weave maneuvering as NBC announces the show will return to the Saturday night slot this summer to finish out the run.
Steve West 2009-04-21
TV Review: Southland image
The series doesnít seem to be banking on gore to draw viewers in. Itís evident as the episode goes on that behind the violent nature of the work these cops do is a show about the kind of people who can do this job. Itís dark and borders on gloomy but not so much that it's hard to watch. Based on the pilot, Southland has the potential to be a truly compelling series.
Kelly West 2009-04-02
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