What Black Sails Season 2 Will Be About And When It Is Returning image
Starz is finally preparing to launch the second season of its hit Treasure Island prequel, Black Sails. On Monday, the subscription cable network released a brand new poster for the new season, as well as a plot description for the upcoming second season.
Jessica Rawden 2014-10-02
Watch The First Two Episodes Of LeBron James' Survivor's Remorse For Free image
Networks and subscription cable stations alike have begun to allow potential viewers to watch episodes of new shows early. Staying on trend, Starz has released not one but two brand new episodes of its new series Survivor’s Remorse. Watch them, here.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-28
Outlander Gets A 2015 Return Date And A Spoilery Peek At What's Ahead  image
This Saturday night, Starz has the mid-season finale of Outlander set to air, after which the series will go on hiatus and fans will be left to wait months for the remaining eight episodes of Season 1. Fortunately, Starz has given us an exact timeframe, as they've announced the return-date of Season 1. Episode 9 of Outlander is lined up to air on April 4, 2015.
Kelly West 2014-09-25
Outlander Gets Renewed For Season 2 After One Episode image
It looks like Starz isn't waiting to see how Episode 2 of Outlander does before deciding its fate. The premium cable network is known to give fairly early renewals of their original series and Outlander is no exception. Season 2 is officially a go!
Kelly West 2014-08-15
Outlander Trailers Tease Episode 2 And The Weeks Ahead  image
Claire Randall is in trouble. The same would be the case for just about anyone who found themselves thrown through time to 18th century Scotland. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a time travel scenario, and Starz's Outlander has the opportunity to explore a lot of them. The above preview gives us a look at next Saturday's episode, "Castle Leoch."
Kelly West 2014-08-12
Outlander Premiere Episode Delivers Starz's Strongest Multiplatform Performance Ever image
The numbers are in and it looks like Outlander performed pretty well for Starz with its opening episode. The premium cable network has announced that the first episode of Ronald D. Moore's new series delivered the strongest multi platform performance for a new series in the history of Starz.
Kelly West 2014-08-11
The Missing Gets A Premiere Date And A Chilling New Preview image
Looking at the preview for Starz's upcoming limited series The Missing, this story looks like something out of a parent's nightmare. A family goes on vacation in France in 2006. Their 5-year-old son disappears suddenly and they're faced with dealing with the loss, while also trying to find out what happened to their child.
Kelly West 2014-08-07
Watch Outlander's Full Premiere Episode Online Early Here image
As promised, Starz went ahead and put the first episode of their highly anticipated Outlander series online a week ahead of its official debut on the premium cable network. The first episode made its world premiere at Comic-Con in San Diego last week...
Kelly West 2014-08-03
Outlander: 4 More Things To Know About Starz's New Series  image
In anticipation of the premiere of Starz's Outlander series, we had the opportunity to sit down with series creator Ronald D. Moore, author Diana Gabaldon and the cast to talk about what's ahead.
Kelly West 2014-07-31
Outlander Brought A Freaking Castle To Comic-Con image
Outlander has arrived at Comic-Con! The Starz series was showcased rather prominently on the show floor, and as you can see in the photos, it's a castle! The excellent display caught our attention and we stopped by to grab some photos.
Kelly West 2014-07-23
New Outlander Trailer Previews Bear McCeary's Thrilling Score image
Bear McCreary has confirmed that the adventurous and suspenseful drum-pounding music we're hearing behind the latest Outlander video is our first earful of the score for the Starz drama.
Kelly West 2014-07-20
The Chair Trailer Has Two Directors Tackling The Same Script image
Two directors. Two films. One script. That's the concept Starz's upcoming movie-making documentary series The Chair is running with. Starz released a new trailer for the series, along with some art that notes the September 6 premiere date.
Kelly West 2014-07-14
James Nesbitt Desperately Searches For Lost Son In Trailer For Starz's The Missing  image
In The Missing, James Nesbitt plays Tony, a father who can never forget the fateful day when his son Oliver went missing on a family holiday in France. The ensuing search for Oliver not only breaks Tony’s mental state, but it destroys his marriage with Emily (Frances O’Connor) and presumably many other areas of his life.
Nick Venable 2014-07-14
Starz Wanted To Make Fifty Shades Of Grey A TV Series image
Would Fifty Shades of Grey have worked better as a TV series? That's a what-if scenario that fans of the book may be wondering once the feature adaptation of E.L. James' steamy novel arrives in theaters. As it happens, there was at least one premium cable channel that had its eye on the project. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht says he had a pitch for a TV adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.
Kelly West 2014-07-14
Outlander Releases New Photos, A Featurette And Plans For An Early Preview Of Episode 1 image
Starz offered up some excellent goodies for Outlander fans today. In addition to confirmation that they’ll be sharing the first episode of Ronald D. Moore’s series online a week ahead of the official television premiere, they’ve also released some great stills.
Kelly West 2014-07-11
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