See The World's Best Boss Cake Made For Steve Carell's Last Office Episode image
Steve Carell's final episodes of The Office won't start airing until April, but the actor seems to have already left the set for good. So while we're still wrapping our heads around the notion of Dunder Mifflin without Michael Scott, the cast and the crew of the show
Katey Rich 2011-03-08
Will Ferrell To Appear In Four Episodes Of The Office Later This Season image
The departure of Steve Carell from his post on The Office is set to be a monumental television event. This season has already had a good number of guest stars, including
Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-26
Steve Carell Leaving The Office Before The Season Finale image
The moment we learned Steve Carell was leaving The Office at the end of this season, we all imagined the kind of tearful season finale you usually get when a show goes off the air
Katey Rich 2011-01-14
Steve Carell Talks To Ellen About Leaving The Office image
This Tuesday, Steve Carell is set to appear on Ellen and among the topics of discussion is Carellís departure from his starring role in NBCís The Office. Read on to see some of what Carell had to say on leaving and his replacement.
Kelly West 2010-12-12
Steve Carell Producing A Documentary About The History Of Comedy image
The documentary isn't part of the new producing deal Carell has at NBC, and given comedians' proclivities toward swear words and generally vulgar jokes, I'd imagine the documentary would be much more at home on HBO or Showtime
Katey Rich 2010-12-03
Steve Carell Developing A New Show For NBC image
Granted, he's not planning to star in another series, but he is developing a half-hour comedy based on his own experiences working as a mailman in small-town Masachusetts
Katey Rich 2010-12-02
The Office Staff Wants Harvey Keitel To Replace Steve Carell image
Lieberstein noted that he hasn't actually started talks with Keitel, but says he is "absolutely" being considered for the role, and they've already come up with a storyline for a possible character
Katey Rich 2010-09-02
Could Danny McBride And Rhys Darby Be Michael Scott's Office Replacements? image
Clearly Dwight Schrute is sharpening his throwing stars and buying up the black paint in preparation to take over Michael's office, but I'd still count on them throwing a new, big name into the mix
Katey Rich 2010-08-10
Amy Ryan To Return To The Office Next Season image
After word came out about Steve Carell leaving The Office after next season, fans have all wondered the same thing: what happens with Michael and Holly?
Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-15
Ricky Gervais Gives Steve Carell His Blessing In Leaving The Office image
"It was expected of me, as executive producer, to persuade him to stay on. With syndication in full swing the more successful the show remains, the more billions we all make"
Katey Rich 2010-07-01
Steve Carell Confirms Plans To Leave The Office, Wants Surprising End For Michael Scott image
Carell's departure at this point could only be a good thing for the show
Katey Rich 2010-06-28
Steve Carell Leaving The Office? image
Could The Office survive without Michael Scott? Rumor has it, Steve Carell is ready to move on from The Office, which could mean one of TVís most hilarious work-places could be short one bumbling boss.
Kelly West 2010-04-28
Dermot Mulroney Is The Rockford File's Leading Man image
Maybe the best strategy when casting an iconic character is to go with someone a little less familiar to the general audiences. That seems to be the case with Dermot Mulroney being cast to take on the role made famous by James Garner in the remake of The Rockford Files
Jason J. Hughes 2010-02-28
NBC's The Office Isn't The Show It Used To Be image
This week, I was able to piece together what's changed about The Office over the past several years. Removing Jim and Pam from the office just put it so plainly in my face that I†can't believe I didn't realize it fully until just now. Or maybe I did, and I kind of didn't want to admit it.
Jason J. Hughes 2009-10-15
Larry King Live To Cover News Of Russert's Death image
We were informed earlier that Kingís interview with Steve Carell (The Office, Get Smart) is being rescheduled as King will be using the entire hour to cover the news about Tim Russert. We now have the guest list for the episode. This list of names is impressive considering they were all booked last minute. I suppose thatís a mark of just how appreciated and respected Russert was.
Kelly West 2008-06-13
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