The Flash: We're About To Learn A Whole Lot More About This Character image
While we know that he’s the S.T.A.R. Labs tech genius and is hilarious, Cisco Ramon still remains quite the mystery on The Flash. That will change later on this season when someone from his past stops by for a visit. Here are the details.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-17
The Flash Just Cast This Female Supervillain image
Viewers of The Flash will learn next year that villainy runs in the family when this sister of an iconic Flash villain makes her debut. A CW alum is joining the series for the big role. Find out more after the jump!
Adam Holmes 2014-12-16
What Firestorm Will Look Like On The Flash image
Barry Allen may be the lead superhero on The Flash, but he won’t be the only costumed crime fighter on the series. Firestorm is being set up as an important character, and now we have a sneak peek at the costume he’ll be wearing when he returns.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-11
What The Flash's Gigantic Reveal Might Mean For The Series image
There were a lot of exciting events that happened in The Flash’s midseason finale, but as usual with these episodes, the final two minutes delivered a stunning revelation. Here’s what that shocking conclusion might mean for the rest of the season.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-09
Why The Flash's Midseason Finale Will Be Longer Than Usual image
If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Flash recently, you may already know that tonight’s midseason finale will be extra special. The CW agreed to allow the episode to run for two minutes extra in order to help The Flash achieve the exact vision the show wanted for the winter finale.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-09
Mark Hamill Joins The Flash To Play This Comic Book Villain image
Another veteran of the original 1990 Flash TV show is heading to the 2014 series. Fresh off his stint in a galaxy far, far away, Mark Hamill will appear next year on The Flash playing this villain.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-08
The 4 Best Things About The Flash And Arrow Crossover And Why Arrow Won image
Arrow is one of the best scripted series on TV right now. The Flash has the potential to be. The obvious reason to do a double-episode crossover event between Arrow and The Flash is the stunt appeal, and likely an effort to broaden both audiences a bit.
Kelly West 2014-12-04
The Flash And Arrow Crossover Crushed Last Night, Get The Ratings image
One of the motivations behind TV crossovers is bringing two different series’ audiences to one programming block, and while this week’s two-night mash-up between Arrow and The Flash didn’t do exactly that, it was a still huge success for The CW. How good? Find out.
Nick Venable 2014-12-04
Watch Flash Take On His Arch Enemy In This Trailer image
Santa Claus won’t be the only strangely dressed visitor to Central City this Christmas season. Next week Barry Allen will come face-to-face with his arch enemy Reverse-Flash in The Flash’s aptly named midseason finale “The Man In The Yellow Suit.” Check out the new promo for a look at the yellow-garbed speedster.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-04
The Flash And Arrow Crossover Will Contain A Massive Surprise image
As The Flash’s crossover with Arrow draws near, we’ve been privy to a lot of information about the special episode and have even seen plenty of footage and stills from Tuesday’s big show. But we can still expect at least one huge surprise from the episode.
Jessica Rawden 2014-12-01
Wait, Supergirl Might Exist In The Same World As Arrow And The Flash? image
CBS’ upcoming Supergirl series has had a remarkably quick trajectory. Just a few short weeks after being announced, the network stated that Supergirl had nabbed a series commitment. While it could still be a while before we find out who is cast, much less see footage from the upcoming series, it’s good to know Berlanti’s brain is already churning out numerous possibilities.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-28
Arrow And The Flash Come To Blows In Adrenaline-Filled Crossover Trailer image
It was fun watching Barry Allen zipping around and dodging Blackout’s lightning bolts on tonight’s episode of The Flash, but there’s a good chance everyone reading this wants to see just one thing: Flash and Arrow duking it out in next week’s crossover episode “Flash vs. Arrow.” Get a good look at the episode here.
Nick Venable 2014-11-25
Reverse-Flash Is Coming, But How Long Until We Know His Identity? image
In two weeks, Barry Allen will finally come face-to-face with the man that murdered his mother when he was a boy: the Reverse-Flash, one of Flash’s most notorious enemies from the comics. The Flash has been teasing the man in the lightning since the pilot, so when will we find out who he really is?
Adam Holmes 2014-11-25
8 Comics Every Fan Of The Flash Should Check Out image
There are only a few episodes left until The Flash head into midseason hiatus. Fortunately, there are plenty of Flash stories that are great for hardcore comic book fans, as well as newcomers to the world of DC. Here are the ones you should read.
Adam Holmes 2014-11-25
10 Flash Powers We Want To See Barry Use On The Show image
In DC Comics, The Flash’s powers can be surmised simply as “super speed,” but the reality is that the Scarlett Speedster’s abilities go far beyond that description. More than just being able to run really, really fast, there are many applications of this power set, and while we’ve already seen a few of them on display in the brand new CW series that has been airing this fall, the truth is that they are right now only scratching the surface.
Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-25
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