Torchwood: Miracle Day DVD And Visa Gift Card Giveaway image
Miracle Day is approaching and to celebrate, we’re hosting a giveaway that will award one lucky winner the first three seasons of Torchwood on DVD, along with a $200 Visa Gift card. Read on to learn more about Torchwood: Miracle Day and find out how to enter the giveaway!
Kelly West 2011-07-04
Torchwood Miracle Day Preview: Eleven Minute Video Peeks Behind The Scenes Of Miracle Day image
Torchwood: Miracle Day’s big premiere on Starz is less than two weeks away. Today, Starz posted an eleven minute video, which takes a look behind the scenes of the series’ fourth season (and first for the network), and offers us a lot of information and plenty of footage from the show.
Kelly West 2011-06-27
Starz Announces 2011 Comic Con Details For Torchwood Miracle Day And Spartacus Vengeance Panels image
If you’re planning on attending Comic-Con in San Diego this July and you’re a fan of Torchwood and/or Spartacus, there’s good news. Starz made the official announcement today that both series will have panels at the convention and there’s an excellent list of talent lined up to appear.
Kelly West 2011-06-16
Eliza Dushku Confirmed To Star In Torchwood: Web Of Lies image
Much like they did in pairing Spartacus with an online graphic novel animated series, Starz has something similar planned for Torchwood: Miracle Day with Torchwood: Web of Lies. It’s been confirmed today that Eliza Dushku is signed on to star in the project.
Kelly West 2011-06-02
Jane Espenson Talks Torchwood, A Horse Heart, Once Upon A Time And Another U.K. Series Remake For Syfy image
I could go on and on about Espenson and how some of the episodes she’s written are absolutely brilliant (Buffy examples of brilliance include “Band Candy,” “Pangs,” “Conversations With Dead People,” and “Life Serial.”) but if you know who she is, odds are, you’re already aware of her skills. And even if you don't, but you're a fan of great TV writing, this interview is worth a look and full of interesting tidbits on upcoming series.
Kelly West 2011-06-02
Torchwood Miracle Day: A Behind The Scenes Video Featuring The Cast  image
Looking forward to Torchwood: Miracle Day? Starz put together a behind-the-scenes video that shows off some of the action being shot. The video also includes veteran and new cast members as they discuss making the show.
Kelly West 2011-06-01
Will Captain Jack Harkness' Sexuality Play A Part In Torchwood Miracle Day On Starz?  image
If you’re familiar with the sci-fi series Torchwood, then it’s likely that you’re aware that the lead character, heroic and immortal Captain Jack Harkness is bisexual. Find out whether or not Jack’s sexuality will come into play when the series resumes for Torchwood: Miracle Day on Starz and let us know if you think it matters one way or the other.
Kelly West 2011-05-27
Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness Sporting A New Look For Miracle Day image
With Torchwood: Miracle Day taking the show from Wales to Los Angeles for the series' fourth season, it makes sense that the lead character, Captain Jack would trade in his wool trench coat for something a bit more climate appropriate. Check out the before and after photos and tell us what you think of his new look!
Kelly West 2011-05-26
Watch The New Torchwood Miracle Day Trailer Even If You Don't Know What Torchwood Is image
I was looking forward to Torchwood: Miracle Day but after seeing the latest trailer, I’m categorizing myself as intrigued and genuinely excited for it. Even if you’ve never seen the series before, this trailer is worth checking out. Torchwood: Miracle Day begins with a day when no one dies. You’ll get a better idea of the extent of that in the trailer and see some interesting ways people can not-die.
Kelly West 2011-05-23
Complete Torchwood Collection Coming In July image
So you've been hearing the buzz about the new Torchwood series that's airing this summer on Starz, carrying the snazzy moniker of Torchwood: Miracle Day. You're intrigued enough to want to check out the previous seasons of the show, and you'd like to pick up one all-inclusive package. Good news, then: the BBC and Warner Home Video will partner to release Torchwood: The Complete Original UK Series on July 19th.
David Wharton 2011-05-19
Torchwood: Miracle Day To Include Guest Appearances By Wayne Knight, Ernie Hudson, And Others image
Good news for all those into Torchwood, because the spinoff--for the first time brought to your television screen by STARZ in a co-production with BBC Worldwide)--is coming back soon. Yes, Torchwood: Miracle Day will premiere on STARZ July 8th at 10 p.m. ET
Jesse Carp 2011-05-17
Torchwood Teaser: Prepare For Miracle Day image
What would the world be like if no one died? This is the scenario the sci-fi series will be exploring when Torchwood premieres on Starz this summer. Check out the teaser ahead and find out what one of the writers had to say about whether or not you should watch the previous seasons first.
Kelly West 2011-04-27
Torchwood: Miracle Day To Premiere On Starz In July 2011 image
I’ll admit to being moderately ignorant when it comes to the British series Torchwood. I know that it’s a spin-off series from Doctor Who, that it’s pretty popular on both sides of the pond, and that fans will likely be happy to know that Starz announced the premiere date for Torchwood: Miracle Day today. From the sound of the synopsis and the look of the poster for the series, I may have to check this out.
Kelly West 2011-03-23
Buffy's Spike To Join Torchwood And BSG Alums In New Syfy Series image
Superheroes seems to be a popular genre choice for television shows and Three Inches doesn’t sound all that unique, however, there’s a good chance that with an awesome writing team behind the series, it could turn out to be fun.
Alaina O'Connor 2010-08-25
Torchwood's New Season Will Only Air On A Channel No One Has image
Bad news for fellow fans of Torchwood here in the United States. We won’t be able to see the new season. Well, almost none us will. In a press release issued this morning the Starz Network
Josh Tyler 2010-06-07
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