Veep Season 2 Trailer Shows Selina Meyer Back In Action And On The Road image
The trailer for the approaching second season of Veep somehow manages to find a way to build drama-like suspense while also working in phrases like "meme-ma'am" and "shituation room." Only in Veep! The road to power certainly is a bumpy ride, but it's one Selina Meyer is willing to take if it means getting the job done. Of course, she may have to do it by trading insults, having her "intelligence" (or intel) questioned, and occasionally stumbling along that bumpy road. But that's what this political comedy is all about, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus carries it well.
Kelly West 2013-03-18
Veep Season 2 Poster Has Selina Meyer Demonstrating Diplomacy In Action image
The previously released teaser for HBO's comedy series Veep showed Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Selina Meyer on the move and looking motivated to get things done. She appears to be far less active in the amusing poster that's been released for Season 2 of the series. In fact, she's out like a light.
Kelly West 2013-03-11
Veep Season 2 Teaser Shows Selina Meyer And Her Team On The Move image
Game of Thrones isn't the only series returning to HBO for a new season in the near future. Though we'll have to wait a couple of weeks longer to see political comedy Veep back on the air. In the meantime, HBO has released a new teaser, which shows us Selina Meyer and her dream-team staff. Check it out ahead.
Kelly West 2013-02-23
Veep Season 2 Premiere Date Set For April image
Veep fans, itís time gear up for Season 2. HBO has given the Emmy-winning comedy a premiere date for its return to television, and itís only about two months away. Veepís second season will hit the air shortly after another HBO hit Game of Thrones returns
Leslie Kasperowicz 2013-02-11
Veep Season 2 Teaser Shows Selina Meyer Working Hard image
While one of the HBO's comediennes is back on the air with Lena Dunham returning to the schedule two Sundays ago with the Season 2 premiere of Girls, her partner in crime, or at least in gender, genre and Golden Globe nominations, Julia-Louis Dreyfus has yet to come back to office. There's still some waiting until Veep starts its second season. But by all means, let the campaigning begin!
Jesse Carp 2013-01-23
The 10 Best New Shows Of 2012 Include Girls, Midwives And A Scandal image
Every major network listens to hundreds of television pitches each year. A small percentage of those receive a script order, a small percentage of those receive a pilot order, a small percentage of those actually get picked up, and hilariously, an overwhelming majority of those are still not very good. Most new television programs barely make it the full season let alone get picked up for another go around. Fortunately, there are always a dozen or so that somehow navigate through all of those trappings and actually work.
CB Staff 2012-12-29
Top 10 TV Comedies of 2012 image
Of all the shows that made us laugh this year, some stood out from the crowd. What makes a great comedy may be a matter of personal taste, but in our opinion these series all came out on top this year. From freshman comedies to long-running favorites, these shows kept us in stitches and gave us an escape to look forward to with every new episode. Presented in no particular order, here are TVBlendís top 10 comedies of 2012.
CB Staff 2012-12-21
Veep: The Complete First Season Will Hit Blu-ray In March image
HBOís Veep started out with good reviews and decent viewership on the subscription cable network, and gained even more notice when lead actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series and the show was nominated for two more awards. If you missed out on the comedy series during the first round or, heaven forbid, donít have HBO, you may want to check out Veep: The Complete First Season when it comes to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on March 26, 2013.
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-06
Girls, Breaking Bad, Nashville And Modern Family Among 2013 Writers Guild Of America Nominees image
TV awards involving the actors may be the more glamorous of affairs, and those beautiful faces are the ones we associate best with some of our favorite TV characters and shows. But good scripted television does not exist without good writers. The nominees for the 2013 Writers Guild Awards are in and it looks like Writers Guild of America East and West are favoring cable shows, which is a familiar trend for TV award shows these days, and given the level of quality in the series coming from basic and premium cable these days...
Kelly West 2012-12-06
2012 Emmy Nominations Include Breaking Bad, Girls, Homeland And Veep image
The 2012 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, revealing which TV shows and talent are in the running for a prestigious Emmy Award this year for their contributions to television. This years list of nominees includes newcomers Girls and Veep for HBO, Homeland for Showtime, Fox's New Girl and History's Hatfields & McCoys. See the full list ahead!
Kelly West 2012-07-19
Veep Season Finale Preview: Episode 8 - Tears image
HBO's Veep is heading towards its first season finale and Vice President Selina Meyer's approval ratings have never been lower. The show itself is doing just fine, having developed a steady following and earning a second season, but after "Full Disclosure," Julia Louis Dreyfus' character could certainly use a break. Will the Vice President finally catch one in the episode titled, uh, "Tears?" It doesn't sound promising.
Jesse Carp 2012-06-08
Veep Preview: Episode 7 - Full Disclosure image
Veep is one of the best new comedies this season. Armando Iannucci's first foray into American television is a delightful political satire with super sharp writing and even sharper performances. Now six shows deep, the hilarious comedy is only getting better and this week's "Full Disclosure" was directed by Chris Morris, the man behind Four Lions. If that doesn't get you excited for the second last episode of the first season, here's a preview.
Jesse Carp 2012-06-01
Veep Preview: Episode 6 - Baseball And An Obesity PSA image
There are only three episodes remaining in the first season of HBO's Veep. From Academy Award nominated writer-director Armando Iannucci, the series is easily one of the most entertaining and funny new comedies of the year. Sure, the year is still young but it's that kind of creative spin that one needs if you're going to work in politics or political satire. After being handed the 'fat straw,' the Veep is doing her best to put the loss of her legacy behind her and get movin' on obesity.
Jesse Carp 2012-05-23
Veep Preview: Episode 5 - Nicknames image
HBO's Veep is really starting to hit its stride and judging by the title of this week's show, "Nicknames," the political incorrectness continues as probably more than a few of the 'sincerest forms of flattery' are sure to be not just unflattering but probably full on inappropriate. The best in the first four shows was probably Catherine calling Jonah a 'rapist face,' so we can only hope for more of the same. Here's a brief look at Sunday's Episode 5.
Jesse Carp 2012-05-17
Veep Preview: Episode 4 - Chung image
Veep is the perfect palette cleanser for the middle of the Sunday night line-up on HBO. After the heavy drama on Game of Thrones it's nice to have a half hour to let all the tension shake from your shoulders while laughing at the new political comedy. And together, the pair serve as perfect lead in for Lena Dunham's Girls. HBO has already released previews for next Sunday, including one for Veep's fourth episode titled "Chung."
Jesse Carp 2012-05-07
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