System Shock 2 Studio Unveiling New Game Next Week image
BioShock and System Shock 2 developer Irrational Games (formerly 2K Boston) has been working on a secret project for the past two years. A few thousand rumors later, they're about to finally show us the game.
Pete Haas 2010-08-02
E3 2010: Top 10 Video Game Worlds To Live In image
An interesting new E3 feature is up that asks, "What 10 video game worlds would you like to live in?"
William Usher 2010-06-17
Weekly Recap April 17th: XCOM Reboot, Gears Of War 3 Trailer, The Heavy Assets image
A new trailer has surfaced for Gears of War 3 while The Heavy gets some explosive new screenshots and 2K announces a new XCOM game.
William Usher 2010-04-17
BioShock 2: Sinclair Solutions DLC Coming This March image
2K Games sent out word that a whole lot of new content is on its way for BioShock 2, including single and multiplayer DLC. Things will kick-start with the Sinclar Solutions Test Pack DLC
William Usher 2010-02-22
Get BioShock 2 Discount, Free BioShock From Steam image
Valve announced today that BioShock 2 will be available through their digital games store Steam. They're offering a couple incentives for buying it through that service.
Pete Haas 2010-01-19
Irrational Games Making Multiplayer Shooter image
Following the announcement that 2K Boston was renaming itself Irrational Games, the rebranded company has begun a recruiting drive. The new job listings give some hint as to the nature of this new project.
Pete Haas 2010-01-12
Neptune's Pride: Hardcore Strategy Without Hard Work image
Recently a group of ex-2K Australia employees decided to create their own independent studio, Iron Helmet Games. Their first game, a strategy game called Neptune's Pride, is in open beta. This weekend Blend Games had a chance to talk with Iron Helmet's founder Jay Kyburz
Pete Haas 2010-01-11
BioShock Dev Is Irrational Games Again image
2K Boston, the studio that created the first BioShock, is changing its name. It will now go by "Irrational Games," the name it used before being purchased by Take-Two Interactive in 2006.
Pete Haas 2010-01-09
BioShock Real-Life Photoshoot Featuring Big Daddy And Little Sister image
Volpin Props recently released some new wallpapers from a photoshoot involving a Big Daddy and Little Sister from 2K Games' BioShock.
William Usher 2009-11-24
BioShock Now Only $12 image
If you own a decent gaming computer and still haven't played BioShock, GamersGate is giving you a chance to redeem yourself. The digital game shop is offering the underwater dystopia shooter for a mere $11.98 this weekend.
Pete Haas 2009-07-30
Weekly Recap July 18th: Battlefield 1943, Prototype Owns inFamous, Conduit Fails image
The week starting on July 12th and ending on July 18th was mainly composed of gaming news that was strictly about the games…for the most part.
William Usher 2009-07-18
Weekly Recap July 11th: Michael Jackson Game, Wii Sports Resort, iMEvil image
Between July 5th and July 11th there were some interesting, shocking and revealing tidbits of news. Here at Blend Games we have compiled all the noteworthy news items throughout the week.
William Usher 2009-07-11
BioShock/Oblivion Bundle Now Available image
According to a press release sent out by 2K Games and Bethesda, the BioShock & The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bundle is now available in North American stores. The bundle will be released internationally in mid-July.
Pete Haas 2009-07-07
Steam Slug: When BioShock Marries Terminator image
GFI recently announced that they are working on a new third-person shooter called Steam Slug. The concept seems kind of cool especially considering that it’s a steam-punk version of Terminator.
William Usher 2009-06-29
BioShock And Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bundle Revealed image
Today 2K Games announced a new retail bundle containing one of the best RPG's and one of the best shooters of this generation of consoles. The BioShock/Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion bundle will hit stores later this summer for the Xbox 360 and PC.
Pete Haas 2009-06-17
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