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GTA 5 PS4 And Xbox One Pre-Orders Are Slowing Down image
There was a lot of fan excitement when Rockstar announced the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5 during E3 2014. However, research firm Cowen and Company believes that pre-orders have slowed down.
Pete Haas 2014-06-29
GTA Online Heists Information Revealed By Source Code? image
Alleged details on the GTA Online Heists Update were uncovered by players digging through the game's source code. They shed some light on the types of missions included with the highly anticipated update.
Pete Haas 2014-06-25
GTA 5 Mod Lets You Run And Shoot With First-Person Camera image
A new mod for GTA 5 lets players experience a whole new level of immersion in the game. The Xbox 360 mod introduces a first-person camera for traveling around the game world on foot.
Pete Haas 2014-06-22
GTA 5 Online Players Recreate Back To The Future Chase Scene image
GTA Online players expressed their love for the eighties in a creative way this week. They've reenacted a chase scene from the opening act of Back to the Future.
Pete Haas 2014-06-20
GTA 5 Online Hipster Update Weekend Coming Friday With Exclusive Rewards image
Rockstar will be celebrating the release of the "I'm Not A Hipster" Update for GTA Online in the usual fashion: with a special weekend event. GTA Online players will be able to earn exclusive rewards from Friday to Sunday.
Pete Haas 2014-06-19
GTA 5 Online Heists Delayed image
Today Rockstar Games confirmed what you probably already suspected: co-op heists for GTA Online won't be released by the end of the Spring as planned. The company explained the delay in a brief note to fans.
Pete Haas 2014-06-18
GTA 5 Online Hipster Update Launches On Xbox 360 And PS3 image
Rockstar Games unexpectedly release Title Update 1.14 for GTA 5 today. The update, dubbed "I'm Not A Hipster," provides a range of new content for multiplayer component GTA Online.
Pete Haas 2014-06-17
GTA 5, GTA 4 Are Real Cheap On Xbox 360 Now image
If you've missed out on the most recent chapters of Grand Theft Auto, you can now get them at a steep discount. Digital copies of GTA 5 and GTA 4 have been marked down for the weekend on Xbox 360.
Pete Haas 2014-06-14
GTA 5 PC Arrives On Steam, Gets Lightly Trolled image
Steam's listing for the PC version of GTA 5 has gone live. The game was greeted by Steam users in the traditional fashion: with trolling.
Pete Haas 2014-06-11
GTA 5 PS4 Vs PS3 Comparison Video Shows Striking Upgrade image
GTA 5's upcoming PS4, Xbox One and PC versions will enhance the visuals of last-gen editions. A new comparison video shows just how big the upgrade will be.
Pete Haas 2014-06-10
E3 2014: GTA 5 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC image
Sony confirmed at their E3 2014 press conference tonight that GTA 5 is coming to the PS4. Rockstar followed up on that announcement with a trailer confirming Xbox One and PC versions as well.
Pete Haas 2014-06-09
GTA 5 Online Servers Down For Maintenance, Are Heists Almost Here? image
GTA 5 players are going to have trouble playing multiplayer over the next few days. Rockstar Games is planning to take down the servers for GTA Online to perform maintenance.
Pete Haas 2014-06-07
Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Definite Possibility, Take-Two Says image
Red Dead Redemption earned great sales and reviews in 2010 but Rockstar has yet to announce a sequel. That doesn't mean that Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't in the works, though.
Pete Haas 2014-05-31
Weekly Recap: Nintendo Kills Wii's Multiplayer And 5 Other Big News Stories image
From hints at the potential Left 4 Dead 3, to Rockstar responding to getting sued by a soon-to-be-washed up reality TV star, things just kept on rolling high and fast in the world of interactive entertainment this week.
William Usher 2014-05-24
GTA 5 Online Skydiving Video Is Full Of Embarrassing Deaths image
The crew that tried to fly airplanes through the "D" in GTA Online's Vinewood sign is back with another video. This time, they tried to sky-dive through the sign.
Pete Haas 2014-05-23
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