Heavy Rain: The Multiple Options Of Robbing A Store Trailer image
The latest trailer consists of a corner store hold-up and the multiple ways in which the scenario can be thwarted, avoided or handled.
William Usher 2009-09-29
Hancock Coming To BRAVIA HDTV Owners First image
Sonyís BRAVIA Internet Video Link has been mediocre at best so far. At least when you consider the $299 add-on pricing. I can watch YouTube on my computer. So itís odd that I donít like the offering of Hancock prior to its Blu-ray release. After all, this is the sort of content BRAVIA owners are expecting from Sony. Hereís the issue: why in the hell is this system not being integrated onto the PlayStation Network?
Steve West 2008-10-15
How Do The Studios Stack Up On Blu-ray Releases? image
Blu-ray is expensive. The players are not cheap, and neither are the discs. So when you spend that ridiculous $30+ on a movie you expect it to be of the highest quality. Yet so many studios are pushing out lazy SD content that doesnít even include the standard features of a DVD release. Having already been burned by the early days of DVD (hey there horrible Goodfellas transfer) Iíve kept a keen eye on what films are worth picking up on Blu-ray right now. In case you were wondering, as I was, Kill Bill look spectacular in Blu-ray format.
Steve West 2008-10-07
Sony's New PRS-700 E-Reader A Worthy Foe For Kindle image
Iím currently listening to The Omnivoreís Dilemna and am quite satisfied with getting my extra reading in via audio. I know that for some reason Kindle is leading a revolution of the e-reader, a fact that I just canít get behind no matter how cool or non-headache inducing the device may be. But itís certainly no surprise that others are trying to get in on the action.
Steve West 2008-10-02
Sony BRAVIA 1080p SXRD Front Home Theater Projectors image
When youíre considering not buying a house so you can get a 100Ē+ television there may be a problem. Luckily thereís a solution that for some reason people donít consider: projectors. Sony today introduced two new 1080p front home theater projectors. One of which would be a welcome addition to the average house, and the other is for the more serious A/V investor.
Steve West 2008-09-03
Sony VAIO RT High Definition Studio image
The Sony VAIO RT High Definition Studio is fully intent on proving you can do video editing just as well on a PC platform as on a Mac. The beefy system features a 25.5-in display in 16:9 widescreen. The LCD screen itself has XBRITE-Full HD technology for a crisp picture. And then thereís the HDMI. Not only can you connect into the system via HDMI,
Steve West 2008-09-03
Sony Patent Hints At PSP Phone image
A PSP Phone, or something similar, may be on the way. OK, maybe not because the rumor starts from a newly filed Sony patent. And patents donít necessarily mean real products are on the way. But is Sony is planning something it makes sense that it would happen on the PSP platform.
Steve West 2008-06-30
Sony HDR-CX12 Makes You Smile And Shutter image
Itís summer time. This means itís time to update your camera to catch all of that wonderful outdoor fun in the sun excitement. Unless you donít like fun or the sun, then I apologize for offending your sensitive nature.
Steve West 2008-06-19
Rumor: Sony To Introduce Yet Another PS3 Controller image
Could Sony really plan to introduce yet another PS3 controller so soon after fixing the rumble debacle? The DualShock3 has only recently come out, and now there are rumors of a brand new version in the works. This time the controller would split apart in the middle giving you a similar setup to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk design.
Steve West 2008-06-15
Sony's C-Spot: More Comedy Jokes For The Internet image
You donít just have to be Funny or Die, you could also be Funny and on Sonyís new comedy channel. Dubiously dubbed C-Spot, Sony TV is launching a brand new channel. But donít call on your cable or satellite provider to get you access, this content will appear right here in your browser.
Steve West 2008-04-01
What If Apple Had Designed The PSP? image
Apple makes slick products. And Sony now has Skype on the PSP, turning it into a sort of PSPhone. So itís no wonder that someone would put their Photoshop skills to work making a hybrid. You can see the image to the right, and it essentially looks like an iPhone with some Playstation buttons added. Iím assuming itís an iPhone because there are zero analog sticks, so weíd need the touch screen.
Steve West 2008-02-26
What Is Sony Driving At? image
I have yet to see an instance where a company attempting to tease consumers with an upcoming product has actually worked out to anyoneís advantage. Remember the whole ďwhat is it?Ē campaign that led to the segway? And how many people raced out and purchased those? Sure, some companies got on board (like patrolling security companies or Disney utilizing them at Walt Disney World) but they didnít exactly become a mainstream device.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-29
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