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American Horror Story Freak Show: Let's Take A Closer Look At This Poster image
American Horror Story's anthology format offers its own kind of anticipation each fall, as it isn't necessary to think back to the last season and try to remember where things left off. Each season introduces a new set of characters and a twisted new story. So the hype is all about who's playing who and what the next installment in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuks' FX series has to offer.
Kelly West 2014-08-28
New American Horror Story: Freak Show Trailer Is Deformed And Unsettling image
Every year around this time, FX begins putting out teasers for the newest installation of its hit series, American Horror Story. It’s tough to glean a ton of information from the short segments, but despite this, they are nearly always creepy and worth a watch. In the latest short trailer for the fall season, titled American Horror Story: Freak Show, we get an unusual trapeze artist.
Jessica Rawden 2014-08-27
American Horror Story: Freak Show Gets A Lick-able New Trailer And A Great Guest Star image
American Horror Story: Freak Show has a brand new teaser and a new guest star. The teaser you can enjoy in all of its lickable forked-tongue glory, and the guest star you can enjoy while watching USA's White Collar. Matt Bomer has signed on to play a part in AHS: Freak Show? As who? That part's a mystery.
Kelly West 2014-08-24
American Horror Story: Freak Show's New Release Date And Teaser Are Just The Ticket image
Since American Horror Story: Freak Show was first unveiled, the cast has been assembled and characters have been revealed, but all this deliciously disgusting series’ fans want to know is: when the hell is it going to start playing? Thankfully, FX has announced American Horror Story: Freak Show will make its debut on Wednesday, October 8, at its usual time of 10 p.m. ET.
Nick Venable 2014-08-20
World's Smallest Woman Joins Patti LaBelle For American Horror Story: Freak Show image
It’s no surprise that Ryan Murphy is pulling out all the stops for what “freaks” will be giving carnival goers (and American Horror Story: Freak Show audiences) their money’s worth. The latest cast member to join the fray is Jyoti Amge, the Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s smallest living woman.
Nick Venable 2014-08-13
American Horror Story: Freak Show Adds Both New And Familiar Cast Members image
Ryan Murphy has been keeping a tight leash on news surrounding the upcomingAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show, but a few casting surprises (both official and unofficial) have escaped his carnival tent
Nick Venable 2014-07-24
American Horror Story: Freak Show's Creepy (Fan-Made) Teaser Spreads Its Wings  image
While October is still months away, FX is giving us the very first tease of American Horror Story: Freak Show. The creepy video's timing really couldn't be more perfect, what with Guillermo del Toro's The Strain making its grand debut tonight.
Kelly West 2014-07-13
American Horror Story: Freak Show Adds Wes Bentley In A Vengeful Role image
The great thing about American Horror Story casting news is that it almost always seems kind of random and yet it also weirdly makes sense, no matter who is being brought on board the drama series, whether it's Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett or in this case, Wes Bentley.
Kelly West 2014-07-08
Sons Of Anarchy, American Horror Story And Other FX Comic-Con Details Revealed image
FX has lined up their Comic-Con plans, announcing panels and signing booths for some of their popular series. Archer, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy and their upcoming new drama The Strain will all be featured with panels at the San Diego convention set to take place later this month.
Kelly West 2014-07-07
Michael Chiklis Is A Strongman In American Horror Story: Freak Show, Because Duh image
Chiklis is best known for playing lawmen facing corruption in acclaimed series such as The Commish and The Shield. How amazing would it be if he was somehow playing Vic Mackey’s sunglasses-donning father in this role?
Nick Venable 2014-06-25
American Horror Story: Freak Show Offers A Heads Up On Sarah Paulson's Character image
Sometimes Twitter can feel like a curse, and other times it allows for an actress to say 16 of the most exciting words that an American Horror Story fanatic could possibly hear.
Nick Venable 2014-06-12
American Horror Story: Freak Show Will Include 'The Most Terrifying Clown Ever'  image
When we first heard that American Horror Story Season 4 would have a carnival theme, our first guess -- or fear -- was that a scary clown would be included. Because in a drama series this creepy, with a planned carnival theme in the works, a scary clown seems not only inevitable, but also kind of required, right?
Kelly West 2014-05-09
Michael Chiklis Joins American Horror Story: Freak Show image
American Horror Story will bring Michael Chiklis back to FX next season. This news seems to be the first bit of new casting this year for the FX drama, which is poised to return for Season 4 this fall, under the title American Horror Story: Freak Show.
Kelly West 2014-03-30
American Horror Story Officially Announces Its Freaky Season 4 Title image
for a series like American Horror Story all it takes is a title announcement to get fans excited about a new season. Luckily, on Monday, the Season 4 title has arrived, and it’s pretty freaky. Ladies and gentlemen, American Horror Story Season 4 will be subtitled...
Jessica Rawden 2014-03-24
American Horror Story Season 4 Carnival Setting Revealed image
American Horror Story Season 4 setting has been revealed, admittedly a bit unofficially. Writer Douglas Petrie confirmed that the setting for the fourth season of the creepy FX drama will take place at a carnival. That is apparently "very roughly" the idea. He did not elaborate on that, but given what little we know about the next season of the anthology series, it's a start! Let the clown nightmares ensue.
Kelly West 2014-03-17
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