During tonight's episode of Big Brother, the four evicted houseguests will have the chance to compete to return to the house. CBS has given us a look at what the competition will look like, which gives us a bit to speculate on while we wait for tonight's episode. If you don't want to be spoiled on how the comeback competition will work, look no further!

CBS posted this sneak peek at the competition, which they have labeled "Comeback Fight." It looks like a computer generated mock-up of what the competition will (vaguely) look like...

comeback fight

"Check out a first look at tonight's jury competition," the caption notes. It looks like this may be some kind of ball-throwing or rolling competition, or maybe they have to slide something down their lane and get it close to the bulls-eye? It appears to be set up as a boxing ring, so I'm thinking the theme will be some "fighter's" big Big Brother comeback. Off to the side is a table where the current houseguests will presumably be watching anxiously and likely dreading any outcome. Heh.

So it seems like this will be following along the lines of Season 13 when Brendon won his way back into the house. (Remember when Lawon volunteered to be evicted because he thought he'd get to come back into the house with special powers?) Brendon and Lawon faced off in a competition and Brendon won a second chance to get back into the house.

Last season, when there was a returning houseguests, the four jurors competed alongside the remaining houseguests in a semi-endurance competition where houseguests stood on a perch against a wall and had to catch flying baseballs. The four evicted houseguests were sectioned off and the last among them (either last to fall off their perch or first to catch ten balls and win the HoH competition, whichever came first) got to return to the house. Judd won that one.

Because this seems to be a separate competition, I'm wondering if there will be a Head of Household competition during tonight's episode, or if they're going to do the HoH after the show and air it during Sunday's episode. And if that's the case, maybe they're finally eliminating the Battle of the Block competition? It's also possible that the winning "comeback" houseguests gets to be Head of Household automatically. That would be kind of amazing, no matter who wins. But kind of shady if we consider that none of the other houseguests had a chance to compete.

We'll find out how it's all going to work tonight when the episode airs. In the meantime, it's Zach vs. Cody on the block tonight. For an update on who's in the most danger, check out our live feed spoilers after the jump...
Donny and Christine

Admittedly, I haven't exactly been glued to the feeds this week, since Zach went on the block. I watch the feeds for the gaming, and with one alliance continuing to dominate the house, it's hard to feel all that interested in the game talk that's been going on lately. But there were some interesting developments, or there almost were. Donny has tried to campaign for Zach to stay. I think he sees Zach as the outsider now, which makes him of value to Donny, Big Brother 16's resident outsider. I watched Donny speak more or less openly to Christine yesterday about his perspective on the game and her alliance. He made some good points about Cody's loyalty to other people and why it might be good to work together and keep Zach.

It's a mark of Donny's desperation to try to get some allies that he was willing to talk to Christine after she tried to throw the Battle of the Block competition. But from what I followed of the conversation, Donny had a lot of good points, particularly in his ideas about working together to split up the remaining houseguests and let them pick each other off one by one. Donny may be on his own, but he's not a terrible player. He's just stuck in a house with people who are convinced they're at the top of their alliance's food chain, when most of them aren't.

Christine did engage in the conversation, more or less, but the fact that she was barely looking at him most of the time suggested she was just humoring him and waiting for an opportunity run off and tell her alliance. And sure enough, later, she went to Cody and told him everything. It's a shame. There's this part of me that keeps hoping Christine -- or really anyone in Derrick's alliance -- breaks away from the pack and turns against the group to try to weaken it, but it really does seem like all of them, Christine included, think they're somehow closer to winning inside that alliance than they would be against it. And they must be telling themselves that they're somehow immune to what's happening to Zach. Victoria could be going home this week. That should be a major red flag to Christine. Clearly not.

The other thing that's bothering me is that alliance accuses Donny of "scheming" for trying to work with people. As if he's doing something shady just by attempting to strategize and figure out a way to stop being on his own every week. I don't know if this chatter is a mutual effort among the alliance to convince each other not to listen to Donny or if they really fault the guy for trying, but I'm tired of listening to it. It's not entertaining.

As for who's going tonight, unless I missed something major -- entirely possible, but I don't think so -- Zach will likely be evicted. Of course, he could win his way back into the house, which would be kind of hilarious, especially if he actually -- finally -- turned his back on that alliance and worked with Donny to take them down. But I'd happily take Nicole or Hayden for that purpose as well. I'd add in Jocasta to that because she's likable enough, but she wasn't much of a gamer when it came to strategy, so I'm not sure how much of an impact her return would have on the situation. But she would probably be support from Donny, which would be good. We'll find out who goes back into the house tonight when Big Brother airs!




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