If things go down as they're shaping up to go down in the Big Brother house this week, Thursday night's live episode has the potential to be pretty epic. We have big spoilers about who was nominated, won the Battle of the Block and who won the Veto, thanks to more hours staring at the live feeds over the last few days than I'm comfortable admitting to. No complaints there. It's these big game events that have me addicted to this series every summer. And with that...

Big Brother Live Feed spoilers ahead!

Ok, here's how the competitions went down since Thursday:

Nominations: Derrick nominated Christine and Donny. Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody.

Battle of the Block: Donny and Christine won (no thanks to Christine). Derrick was dethroned.

Head of Household: Frankie is the reigning HoH. Cody and Caleb remain on the block.

Veto: Zingbot returned! Frankie won the Veto. He has not used it yet. Veto ceremony is tomorrow.

In danger: Cody (nominated), Caleb (nominated), Zach (eligible to be nominated), Derrick (eligible to be nominated), Victoria (eligible to be nominated).

Ok, first let's talk about the Battle of the Block. Before nominations, the Detonators discussed their options to figure out a way to get Donny out this week. It came down to them using Skittles to determine who would go up on the block with Donny and attempt to throw the Battle of the Block competition to force Donny's nomination to stick. Christine won that duty and then failed at it.

We don't see the competitions, so we won't know exactly how the BoB competition went down, but from the conversation in the house, it had something to do with Donny, Christine, Caleb and Cody crawling around in the dark, getting stuff all over their clothes, looking for "bones" to fit into a puzzle. From the sound of it, Christine not only tried not to find any bones for herself and Donny, but also got caught handing off one of the bones she did find to Caleb. Or he took it from her. Or both. Either way, she was told not to do that anymore. And it sounds like Donny pulled a Frankie and ended up winning the competition all on his own, because he's awesome.

So, that's two weeks in a row that someone tried to throw BoB and failed. Caleb and Cody remain on the block, Donny and Christine are safe. It sounds like some of the houseguests could hear people behind the walls cheering for Donny. I'm assuming it was production people, but we don't know for sure. Either way, Christine came back into the house thinking America hates her. And to make matters worse for her, it seems like Donny might know that Christine tried to throw the competition. Frankie said he said something to him like "Now I know how you felt last week."

So, with Donny safe, the Detonators had to set their sights on a new target. And Victoria seemed like the default target, but it was obvious that Derrick was trying to plant the seeds for another option. Anytime the conversation of putting Victoria up came up, he'd say something like "Yeah, I mean, it's a wasted week but we have to do it." So, Derrick was acting supportive but at the same time, being negative about it in a way that didn't suggest he cared one way or the other if Victoria was evicted. I could be giving him too much credit here, but all evidence presented from his game-play this summer suggests he's playing it cool and biding his time until the Veto was won.

Everyone but Zach and Derrick played for the Veto. The Zingbot returned for its annual appearance, and Kathy Griffin also dropped in for a guest appearance. From the sound of it (based on post-Veto conversation), the Zingbot got in a joke to Frankie about living in his sister's shadow. Zingbot also apparently made fun of Derrick's looks, made a crack at Victoria about looking in the mirror and made some kind of crack about Christine and Cody's very close-and-cuddly relationship, which left Christine upset and shaken up because she's married.

Frankie won the Veto and though he hasn't used it yet -- Veto ceremony takes place on Monday -- it sounds like he's mostly decided to use it. Find out who he might be sending out the door after the jump!

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